IoT Application Development

IoT Application Development

Addon Solutions offer Intelligent Smart IoT Apps Development Services with Multi-device, Cloud & Analytics, Fast Delivery, and Competitive Prices

What is an Internet of Things (IoT)?

The Internet of Things, in short, is referred to as Io, which is Physical objects which accessed through the internet. The heart of the device is required to connect to the internet. There is an inbuilt sensor, and it is an IP Address. That device can collect and transfer data over the networks. We are thankful to the lowermost processors and large systems. The Internet of things app development has represented the objects digitally.

Innovative and Hi-End IoT Apps

Do you have a requirement of IoT application? Hire our experts to build dynamic and enterprise applications. Get easy access to our experts. Addon Solution is an IoT App Development Company based in India and USA, which will provide a better solution for new technology to its clients. We will give experts and experienced developers to our clients. We have the great team of developers, testers and technologists who have given their best to the organization. Our team will be updated from the latest IT world and will deliver the best solution for business to clients.

IoT App Development Services

  • IoT Cloud Platform
  • Application Development for IoT Devices
  • IoT Solutions & Implementation in your business
  • IoT Devices and app testing
  • System API Development
  • IoT App Security and Maintenance
  • Third party API, Devices Integration
  • Support and maintenance
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Consultancy & Support
  • Connecting with Wearable Devices
  • Voice Enabled Technology Solutions
  • Data Analytics and Data Storage
  • IoT Using Amazon and Azure Platform
  • Back-end and Front-end UI/ UX Design
  • Design and Development Rich Architecture

Why should you prefer IoT developer from us?

  • Experts of IoT developer
  • Expertise Project Manager for guidance
  • Work according to your time zone
  • Skillful IoT experts
  • Hardware and Software products
  • Daily Updates and Weekly Live Demonstration
  • IoT plug-in Development
  • Technical knowledge about IoT applications
  • Our IoT engineers expertise in firms: Banking, Insurance, Manufacturing, etc.

Hire IoT Developer

Addon solution has an expert and skillful Internet Of Things(IoT) developer who will create a fantastic world through data analysis, Hardware and Software. Each IoT engineer is expertise in building dynamic and robust enterprise as well as IoT mobile app. We have worked with many industries, who has hired developer Internet Of Things for creating mobile IoT solutions. These engineers will work according to your time zone. It will also have the perfect measurement of cloud bases IoT solutions.

Our dedicated IoT developers skills

IoT Architecture

UI/UX Designs

Big Data Management

Data Analytics

Machine Learning and API

Understanding of Sensors

Javascript, Python and Go Skills

Technologies that work for IoT

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Web Services

Management of development and administration of network embedded devices, with the increment of the connected components. The size and scope of physical devices are becoming smart, sharing and communicating data over the internet.

Operating System

It is a bridge between computer hardware and user. It will also control the execution of all programs. Will also work on some functions like device management, file management, device, security and many more.

Cloud Platform

Cloud platform and IoT have a similar relationship. The IoT will generate a large amount of data, where the cloud will give a path to information to reach its a destination by increasing the efficiency of the work. It is a platform where you can store your data and help to serve better to customers. By this, you can save the time and cost and deploy the application in the market in just seconds.


When we talk about IoT there are some options like wifi, Bluetooth, ETHERNET and many more with the sensors which operate on different devices. It is used to transform the data digital and offering the new business models. It will be built a cellular network, by connecting the billions of IoT devices. Customers will say relevant to the latest information and acquire to gain an advantage of data.

BlockChain with IoT

It would not only explore the latest technology to the Internet of Things and making a system grow vast. Like a Bitcoin and BlockChain will also crypt the data between the two internet end-users. Banking and the financial institute will also have the public control of the transaction.

Mobile App Development with IoT

IoT Android Application

Andriod in IoT will be helpful in the growth of the industry, retail, and consumer applications. The development tools, API, libraries are also built in for some common factors like temperature, sensor, controller and many more.

IoT iPhone Application

There is a vast range of connected devices and the capability to provide data. So business owners are looking for an innovative way to the industry, it can not remain untouched by iot. It stands first by experiencing the building applications in this sphere.

Web Development with IoT

There is no doubt that every person experience with IoT at every point. In future, business is seen using a combination of sensor technologies and a sensor for tracking the behavior of the customer.


It is a useful web application, services, and gateways. Used call back of webs, sockets and update the data. It will link the JSON. It has defined the HTTP proxy patterns and standard middle-ware.


It will implement the application for developers to error-check, the integrity of data and security, success logic and end-to-end reliability — these features used with extensions like WS Security, WS Atomic transaction and WS Reliable messaging. It can traverse multiple protocols including HTTP and SOAP. It Has high security with transactions. Banking and e-commerce are the best examples of SOAP architecture.

How do IoT works?


First the device must be able to gather and collect the surrounding environment information to build as a standalone sensor.

Data processing

In this, the data is gathered into the cloud so that the software will perform a process on the acquired data.


The device is required to connect through the internet by using different mediums like Bluetooth, wifi, WAN and many more.

User Interface

The information available to the end user anyhow. It can achieve it by trigger alarms on the devices or by notifying through emails.

Five functioning layers of IoT

Business layer

Its maximum focus is on business solutions of IoT devices. These devices will collect information from different users, analyze and processed into useful knowledge, which will help them to improve the IoT product and gives the best services to the users.

Perception layer

It is a shallow layer of IoT, IoT devices have to gather data from the environment. In IoT device, there is a sensor which will measure the weather, speed, location and many more.

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Application layer

This layer is responsible for presenting the data to the users through IoT devices. It is mainly responsible for sending the best information and for getting the user experience.

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Network layer

It will work as a bridge which connects to the internet. It will work as a transport layer which will pass all the data to the globe by IoT devices.

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Middleware layer

It will work behind the web application, and considered as a heart of IoT devices. This layer will collect the information from its an upper layer and performs data processing, provides data storage and logic for IoT devices allow them to function correctly.

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IoT Vs. AI


Network connected to the internet of physical devices like cars, sensors, electronic devices and so on which can communicate among themselves via external environmental features.


In this, the device equipped with the functionality of a human which will respond to a movement until the choice made. It will achieve its goal and continuously tries to improve the performance from experience and reach with its the intention.

Languages Known to IoT developer


Go and Java



C, C++








Unique Features in IoT Solutions

  • API for data storage
  • Clean and filter the data
  • Ad-Hoc SQL queries
  • Predictive design
  • Security
  • The interface of the user with interaction
  • Store and analyze data
  • Enrich data via external factors
  • Machine learning
  • Interactivity functions
  • Transform data to perform mathematical calculation and conditional logic

IoT platform Analytic







IoT protocols





Data protocols

Device management


Multi-layer frameworks

The relation between big data and IoT

  • According to the study of experts, around 4.4 trillion GB of data will be generated by 2020 via IoT. With the growing number of connected devices by 2020, there will be ten billions of sensors connected to the internet. It will analyze, share, transmit, collect data at real-time. Devices are holding functionality and capability without the data.

IoT data beneficiary to companies

New information

Unseen patterns


Reveal trends

Hidden correlations

How IoT Applications Useful in Business

We will see some case study of business.
  • Business services: A company uses multi-device IoT software which will be enabled and receive alerts about service issues and to take immediate action.
  • Manufacturing: In this smart app, there is an IoT sensor will analyze the maintenance, optimize lighting, and power consumption. This application will transform their business into the digital trend.
  • Security & Privacy: IoT is rapidly linking to some smarter devices; the next few years, 24 billion devices will surround it. Researchers have found that there any many loopholes in the smart devices which will permit entry to hackers. The company uses multi-device IoT software, which will be enabled and receive alerts about service issues and to take immediate action is rapidly linking to some smarter devices, the next few years 24 billion devices will surround it. Researchers have found that there any many loopholes in the smart devices which will permit entry to hackers.
  • Smart Homes: Unfortunately, crimes can happen to anyone, so one of the most tending technologies connected to door locks. The most significant advantage of a smart lock of doors has the ability which will permit you to close your door from anywhere using the smart-home app.
  • Airline: This app will provide real-time tracking to airline engineers through the maintenance equipment. By increasing the efficiency of airlines engineers, through this application, it can save time and process improvements. It can impact customer reviews and get valuable, reliable services, on time flights.
  • Insurance: An Insurance company will offer a significant discount to the policyholders who connected to the internet. It will be a benefit to the policyholders for their life insurance. Through this insurance app, the insurer will create smart insurance products and will get a reward from the customer for positive actions.
  • Smart Cities: Different types of sensors are used in Smart city solution, as well as fetch data from GPS data of drivers. Smartphones can determine the number, speed, and location of the vehicles. Smart traffic lights are connected to a cloud platform management allowing monitoring green light timings and automatically alter lights based on traffic situation to prevent congestion. Using previous data, smart solutions for traffic management could predict the traffic and take the necessary steps to control congestion. Los Angles, most traffic affected cities have implemented the road surface sensors and closed-circuit camera, which will send the real update of transportation and control the flow of traffic by management. This platform analyzes the data and notifies platform users congestion and malfunctions of traffic signal via desktop user apps.

What is the future scope of IoT app in business?

It will help you in increasing business growth and achieving the latest business technology. IoT applications considered as a future trend through we gain the new business opportunities and openings for it. It gets the reliable services to the customer and will expand the business. The researchers are trying the best to keep the data secure.

FAQS(Frequently Asked Questions)

What benefits/advantages can you guarantee?

We guarantee Confidentiality, Price, and Results.

What agreements and contracts you sign?

We sign NDA agreements and all other legal contracts before the startup of the project, as we are the registered IT company in India.

Will hired developer will work only for me?

Yes! The hired developer will work for you as a regular employee.

Would you replace my hired developers, If I am not satisfied with the performance?

Definitely! We will replace your developer if we do not see any progress to development’s end.

What will be the approximate cost for developing an application?

Every application has its unique features and complexities. It is dependent on its size and resources utilization.

What business models do you offer?

We offer three types of business models, i.e., Fixed price, Hourly price, Monthly price.

How will you take care of data security?

We use the secured authentication system along with encryption with sensitive data.

Which technologies do you work?

We work on the latest and trending technologies of both web and mobile development for your IoT projects.

How can I track my daily report of the project?

The daily progress of the project can be check through the teleconferences, tracking tools or live chat which is suitable for you.

What is your team strength?

Currently, we have a 100+experts working in different technologies.

Will you provide hourly based developer?

Yes! We will provide hourly base developer it is dependent on client’s requirement.

Will I have the right to test my IoT Projects during development

We have the testing team which will test all the system and modules along with the developers, But if the client wants to check he/she has a right to review it.

Industries we focus on the Internet of things services

Nowadays development is becoming highly beneficial to business for increasing their productivity, reducing operational cost and expanding their market and growth increment. We offer IoT services by keeping the intention of every industry. Services which will be helpful to you in industries like as below







Smart Home




Health Care



Security & Emergency

Automobile & Transport

Banking & Insurance

Buildings & Construction

Manufacturing Industries