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At Addon Solutions, we define our client organization’s capacity to innovate quickly and help them adapt to changing markets, technologies, and consumer preferences. We direct innovation to creating new products, following well-structured plans applying creativity to enhance ideas, including features, user interface design, and platform selection.

Ideas Realized with a Vision!

Addon Solutions delivers comprehensive ideation and implementation services to rapidly turn ideas into complete products in a fraction of the time. The company’s ideation services are designed to solve client challenges including:

  • Development of innovative and trendy products with market adaptability
  • Consistent adherence to regulatory requirements and standards
  • Optimum product performance developed at reasonable costs

We believe in being partners of your progress as we play Man Friday to your Crusoe, being there in every step of the way. Our core competencies will help you focus on your own core activities and thus relieve you of additional burden.

” The best way to have a good idea is to have a lot of ideas. “

— Dr. Linus Pauling

Our Ideation Methodology for Refining Ideas

  • Each ideation phase involves a discovery phase and an interpretation phase. What we mean here, is that ample research and sensible interpretation is key to realize ideas.
  • After an idea is refined and zeroed upon, a point of concept and a prototype needs to be in place for generating feedback.
  • Tracking the learnings and feedback received, the product is ready for the implementation and development phase after incorporating the said changes.

Working through Stages

We believe that ideation and implementation can go through different stages and some of them are:

  • Visualization through Inspiration
  • Value Chain Analysis
  • Rapid Concept development
  • Optimum product performance developed at reasonable costs
  • Assumptions through Market Assessment
  • Prototyping and Proof of Concept
  • Customer co-creation and Team Collaboration on Plan
  • Implementation

We explore and exploit multiple possible solutions with thinking different every time; sometimes using unique or variant ideas connected to one theme, or opt for convergent thinking wherein we zero upon the exact solution to the given problem. After encouraging multiple scenarios and solutions, we utilize convergent thinking to come with a solution.

By embracing the future-oriented view and a diverse mindset with keen observation, imagination and valuation of an idea, we seek out patterns and keep reframing our thoughts.

We can leverage your ideas to deliver apps of impeccable quality. To know how, drop in a line today!

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