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Fraud Detection Solution

Now, protect your users from online threats & frauds in real-time. Addon Solutions offers online web security, fraud detection & prevention solutions, mobile & e-commerce fraud prevention solution and many more.

Fraud Detection and Prevention Service

Keep you and your business safe with Addon Solutions at affordable cost

Addon Solutions offers web security & fraud prevention solutions, which help you to protect your websites, web applications, and online databases from the critical online security threats and frauds.

At Addon Solutions, we are committed to securing your online business, accounts, information, and transactions against internet threats, frauds, and identity theft.

We offer security intelligence platform to address security threats on the web efficiently and cost-effective ways.

Why Fraud Prevention Solutions?

Why Should you spent on Web Security & Fraud Prevention Solutions?

  • We are living in a digital era, and now our currencies are in digital formats across the planet. Electronic exchanges through various devices were in practice since decades, but mobiles have made it prevailing more and widespread even in the developing nations with poor infrastructure.
  • Today from small businesses to large enterprises are accepting online and cashless payments through various modes and methods. Banking and financial institutions are the major users of the services and retailers, ecommerce, social networking, government agencies, and others are following.
  • Online payments, critical fiscal and personal data, and various sensitive information are carried out on the Internet each moment. Online hackers and mischievous elements are always in search of low hanging fruits to victimize and accomplish their bad intentions.
  • If you want to prevent your organization from the data breaching, data theft, online frauds, account hacking, identity theft, and other online threats, you must have web security and fraud management solutions developed according to bespoke needs of your business or organization.
  • Only custom approaches and solutions can provide you complete security at all levels and cost-effectively.

Our Services

Web Security & Online Fraud Prevention Services by Addon Solutions

  • Web Security Services
  • Web Security Solutions
  • The Internet Security Solutions
  • Cloud Security Solutions
  • Fraud Monitoring Services
  • Fraud Detection Services
  • Fraud Prevention Services
  • Online Fraud Solutions
  • Custom Fraud Detection System Development Services
  • Custom Web Security and Fraud Solution Development Services
  • Advanced Threat Detection & Response Services
  • Insider Threats Detection & Prevention Services
  • Compliance Services
  • User Behavior Analytics Services

Apart from all these, we also offer

  • Scanning incoming and outgoing traffic to prevent malware injection before it can access your network and the critical company data, or leaked information
  • Internet Securities
  • Anti-virus & Anti-spyware
  • Dynamic URL filtering and more
  • Prevent threats that enter into your network through under-protected remote devices like laptops or other mobile devices
  • Advanced Threat & Fraud Protection
  • Cloud Application & Social Media Control
  • Restrict or block specific websites containing inappropriate content or information that is not at all needed for your business

Why Addon Solutions?

Why Addon Solutions a best bet for Web Security and Fraud Prevention Solution Development?

  • We have enough experiences and expertise in the designing and development of the internet security solutions, online fraud prevention solutions, and providing out-of-box Internet security services for small to large businesses.
  • We have invested in the creation and fostering of highly conductive development environment through the latest infrastructural facilities, hardware, and required software.
  • We use the latest communication technologies and project management software to offer the best project development experiences to our patrons across the globe coming from the different time zones.

Domain Expertise

Domain Expertise of the Web Security Developers at Addon Solutions

  • Financial services.
  • Manufacturing industries
  • Healthcare, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology services
  • Technology, media, and telecommunication industries
  • Retail, wholesale, and distribution domains
  • Construction industry
  • Travels, tourism, and transportation domains
  • Professional services

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