Web Application Development

Web Application Development

Addon Solutions offers custom web application development services with best practices, top web frameworks, using latest tools and technologies, deploying talented developers, streamline work processes and testing.

Web Application Development Company

Interactive, Intelligent Web Application Development Approach

Addon Solutions recognized as top web application development Company in India and USA, We help you build web applications that can capture every bit of information from every commercial process including financial transactions, order processing, supply chain, HR or any data that has tangible value.

We aspire to make your systems more interactive, more collaborative and easy to use. Additionally, we understand why custom web application is important to you and devise strategies to secure and preserve its integrity with all measures.

We believe in a “Systems of Engagement” strategy for quick evolution to cope up with present needs that pose complicated problems for Systems of Records. Our systems drive engagement with an integrated, contextual, and channel-based framework of web applications that render accessibility rights for transactions, collaboration, and communication.

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Value-able Web Application Development Strategy

Here is how Addon Solutions provides value with its web design and development services

  • Our expert web app developers build a strong web platform for automated and standard record of information with varied capabilities that aid decision-making
  • A strong integrated platform to connect records with user engagement for seamless flow of information
  • Enhanced customer experience with competent and dynamic digital solutions
  • Agile business processes with speedy processing and integrated ecosystems
  • Resilient automated processes for ease of routine operations and customer-facing activities

Addon Solutions utilizes its technological skill in web app development and knowledge of integrated systems to define web applications and systems that are based on the end customer base, overall business velocity, seamless processes, business intelligence and robust design that stand the test of time.

Questions and Answer for Web Application Development

What is the best framework for web app development?

Web development languages are lean and flexible in coding. Therefore, managing the code documents are tough during the development process. Testing the code and developing the desired features or functionality consume valuable time of the developers. Ending the development with success and speed is tough to manage.

In such conditions, frameworks offer organization of coding process and offer outstanding tools to accomplish tasks rapidly that is a nightmare to do without such help.

Therefore, almost each eminent web development language has one or more frameworks to help the developers in mundane tasks to overcome repeated coding and finishing the development with the least hurdles. Security and integration are additional advantages of the web development frameworks that no developer can ignore at all.

PHP has the highest numbers of frameworks due to its high flexibility. For instance, CakePHP, Zend, CodeIgniter, Yii, Symphony, Laravel, Falcon and FuelPHP

Similarly, other languages have their unique frameworks to address the needs of the developers. For example, Ruby has ROR and Python has Django. Therefore, selecting the best one for you depends on the needs of your project and scale of the project.

For instance, CakePHP follows the strict conventions while CodeIgniter is rapid and Zend is for big scale projects. Of course, Yii 2.0 is outstanding now, and developers love much it.

Which is better to build web applications and why: PHP, NET, Java, Python or Ruby? / What is the best web application language?

The selection of the programming language is the job of the developers, as hardly any client come up with enough tech-savviness. Of course, clients can take interest in the selection of web development language

  • A. When client has to decide to hire a web developer with expertise and at competitive rates
  • B. When client has to think of web hosting for the web application
  • C. When a client has to think of future aspects of the web application like maintenance, updates, supports, etc.

Today, we have some major web development languages in use:

  • PHP
  • Python
  • Ruby
  • Java
  • .NET (Microsoft technologies)


PHP is the most popular language on the internet and has the lion share of open source platforms. Therefore, most of the websites and web application development taking place in the PHP or its open sources such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and Magento. Hiring a PHP developer is easy and cost-effective due to stiff competitions in the PHP developer market.

PHP and its open source enjoy huge communities of their respective developers, so support is quick in response and cheaper against the quality. If you are ready to pay for some, you can secure long-term support with immense flexibility from the outsourcing communities like from India.

The majorities of web hosting companies are allowing PHP is hosting, and it is easy to go for it, so power user clients prefer PHP and its open source the most.


is an acclaimed web development language to streamline coding with efficiencies. It has a huge and welcoming community that offers extensive support. It has multiple frameworks and big libraries to do big scale and diverse coding.

Ruby and Rails

Ruby or Ruby on Rails makes coding fun and accomplish many tasks in the background by offering comforts to its developers. Allow rapid prototyping and ease in complicated projects.


Java is famous for the language for the enterprise solutions, and its OOP nature permits it too. Its acceptability as the base of the Android programming and its awesome libraries certainly tempting many to go with Java. In M2M and IoT era, Java is a choice of web programming language for easy integration of such emerging technologies.


.NET or ASP.NET framework has supported Microsoft technologies to sustain in fiercely competitive market. However, the proprietary nature and impression of the Microsoft technologies have reduced the size of its developer community. Therefore, except enterprises, few SMBs prefer it.

Which is better, web application or mobile application for my business?

Before going to fix any decision, you must know the actual differences between the web application and mobile application.

Web Application

Mobile Application

It is browser-based It runs on native UI
Requires the Internet connectivity May and may not need the Internet
Needs responsive website for frontend No need for website as it has own UI and modules
Source code resides on the server and client devices have to bear limited burden to run it Users have to download the source code and install on the devices so demands power and processes
When mobile web application makes sense?
  • If your goal is to reach the huge audience
  • If you want to cover a broad range of devices
  • The best for online business purposes
  • You need it as pro version of app to run trial
  • For absolute online usage
When a mobile application makes sense?
  • For deep interactivity like in gaming app
  • For regular and personalized usages
  • For data intensive processing
  • Required access to native features and functionality For total offline usage
It is instantly available Unless you install it
Compatible with all computing devices with web browsers It is platform specific and runs on limited devices
No pain to upgrade or update Need to push or inspire users to take updates or upgrades it
Easy to find on the web so good find-ability Users have to search in the respective marketplaces
Easy to share across the social media Sharing of content is none to limited
Infinite life cycle, as user, cannot delete it at all Depends on the wishes of the users
It is quick to develop Takes time to develop due to intricacies involved in it
The development is highly cost efficient and requires the least expenditure on maintenance You need to spend budget for different apps for the different mobile OS platforms and expensive to maintain, debug, and update or upgrade regularly
It can turn into a mobile app with Progressive Web App development technologies and approaches Mobile app can integrate with web services but turning it into website or web application is impossible

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