Virtual Reality App Development

VR App Development

Addon Solutions is one of the top leading Virtual Reality App Development Company in USA and India. We are offering to Hire VR Developers to make best application with best UI.

Building New World with Virtual Reality

VR means experiencing the things on computers, which does not exist. It is Use to describe 3D images, the computer-generated environment which is exploring and interacted by a person. We have the five sense of taste learned in school days: touch, smell, vision, hear and taste. Humans have the sense organs also to feel the taste. It has created a shortcut in the world in physical devices. It seems like to be a real. The best example of Virtual Reality is a 3D movie. In that we feel all the real scenes are coming towards us, so we get scared of them and shout. It is only an illusion and disappears in some time.

Services of VR App Development

VR is a specialized and latest technology, expertise, demands in-depth knowledge in software and business processes where the implementation of this service is possible. We have spent a lot of time in delivering good result to the clients. So, VR app developers at Addon solution have the capability of providing outstanding solutions and services in different ways.

Gaming Apps

VR team define complete immersion of sensor, high quality, and definition, feature vibrant realism via VR games for the clients to serve with their business needs, marketing opportunities, in-app purchases, and Ads to monetize via the mobile games.

Apps for Devices & Tablets

Our programmers has the built-in capabilities of the Smartphone includes magnetometer, accelerometer, and gyroscope to run the Virtual Reality applications. This type of app will utilize your business to achieve the goal. We are providing the Apps for Android, iOS, and iPhone.

Cardboard Applications

Google is offering one of the best and cheapest VR viewers based on Smartphone VR applications. It enables you to reach the wide and the vast audience to consume your apps easily and simple UX.

App for Headsets

VR is possible in the headsets like HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and WMR with advanced technical experts. It helps you to get the virtual screens and desktop screens to forward your causes using the applications which are developed by developers.

VR Consultant

It requires specialization on development tools & technologies and also the system infrastructure. Consultants must be familiar with IT market and have the capability of delivering the satisfying results at the budget rates

Support & Maintenance

We will try to build a strong relationship by offering support & maintenance by allocating a dedicated team of support engineers and the marketing professionals. There must be a quick response to any query in the development process and will earn high reputations in the market.

Integration and Deployment

There is integration in the vast range of the work-related applications and improving the capabilities which are inspiring more potential uses.

Virtual Product Environment

Virtual Reality solution and immersive design for the 3D designers of the products, buildings, movies, and many more.

Presentation and Sales Tools

Modern Sales tools benefit a business by boosting its sales and reputation for the targeted sales presentations and the training of the sales.

VR Tradeshow or Event Apps

Demos of Virtual Reality and events app to create everything you need for a custom VR experience at a tradeshow or the business event.

3-D Walkthroughs

It makes a compelling presentation for prospective buyers and investors regarding the new development projects, proper listing, and many more.

Hire Dedicated VR App Experts

Hire Virtual Reality Developers in India and save cost up to 60% in your upcoming project. We have specialist who has vast experience in new word mobile application development using latest technologies and tools. We sign two-level NDA and ensure complete privacy for your projects.

Hire VR App Developers

Types of Virtual Reality

  • Collaborative: It is in the form of reality virtual games and not fully immersive. One can share their experience with others in the virtual world.
  • Web-based: Scientists have found the ways how to use virtual reality over the internet by using Markup Language (VRML). It can discover the new things that the internet can offer. People can share their experiences with friends on social media.
  • Non-immersive reality: The flight simulator saw virtual reality. Having a widescreen PC surrounded by a system and connected with accessories like headphones, joystick, etc. It does not provide fully immersed images to the viewer. It would look like virtual reality in the personal sense.
  • Fully immersive reality: It comes with the experience of powerful computers. It must be able to detect sounds, signals, and even the slightest movement. The viewer has a Head Mounted Display and sensory gloves. These types of the device make use of two monitors and a sound system.

Where We Work?

Industrial Solutions


It will provide the learning environments through real-world scenario simulation in the virtual world. It helps in academic, training, and marketing purposes.


It helps doctors in the simulation of the diagnostics, surgery, and treatment and also medical training in a safe virtual environment.

Retail & Ecommerce

It helps the online business to expand their product or services without touching and win the trust of remote clients and also offer the e-commerce to branding opportunity by storytelling abilities of VR.


Addon solution is offering the solution to involve your customer through the demo of the product. It will save the users from the Popup and also give the best and attractive design in UX.

Effect of Virtual Reality in the future

There is going to be the dynamic change in people’s lives by this new technologies. With the help of VR app development, we would be able to share the knowledge and information to the world. People would be able to receive education in remote areas and can also update the information by sharing their expertise in different parts of the world. Students will be able to concentrate on a study from the virtual training program.

Gadgets Required for Virtual Reality

In setting virtual reality, one required a sensor to connect which will be able to identify the personal monitor movement. These devices come with the two monitor system, body perception, and sound system. The other methods used in are


Data Gloves

Immersive rooms

Head Mounted Displays (HMDS)

Handheld virtual reality controller

Why select Addon Solution?

Skills of Technical

Hire the professional, dedicated, and experienced VR Programmers or team which is expert in various mobile platforms and technologies. Having an in-depth understanding, we have to bring the ability for crafting the excellent user experience and high-quality well-tested products.

10+ Years of Experience

We are working in the It industry since 2001 and offering the clients to their latest service of the market. We have also built successful projects with our reputed clients in the different industry across the globe.

Creative Solutions

Creativity is complex and critical when we are talking about Virtual Reality Apps. We have a knowledgeable team which is having the skills and creativity for creating the user experiences with the VR solutions for the clients.

Approach as a Client-Centric

We have to understand that every client has a unique entity, different needs, challenges, and objectives. We have to know about their requirements and has to focus on Virtual Client apps, which matches them perfection and has addressed to their business

Agile Methodology

We are working with the agile methodology, which will focus on delivering quality solutions within their given time. On the same time, we have to go through the development process and practices which must have high standards. We will be available for you for regular reporting and constant communication.

Competitive Price

We are selected as a development partner because we are giving the services at a competitive price and do not compromise in the quality. We are flexible in all business price models which fit the client needs, expectations, and budget.

We are ready to listen from you

Tell us your problem we are happy to listen and look forward to providing best solutions in industries with applying VR Technologies

Topmost Solutions for iOS and Android

  • Nowadays the technology is filling the gap between the real and virtual world market and user expectations. At Addon solutions, we are giving flexibility in the integration of technology in your business using iOS and Android platforms, which assists you to engage your clients impeccably. Our team develop iPhone VR Apps and Android VR Application using different technologies.
  • Our specialist work is the key to drive your online business in the coming years. We have the team of experienced and knowledgeable VR app developers and analysts, who are implementing the VR technology in your business after analyzing the industry, competitors, and your targeted audience.
  • From the simple product presentation to the complex manufacture process or have the next level development, and give the solution to all your requirements.
  • Want to know about the virtual app development services?
  • Don’t feel shy!! Contact us now and get the answer to all your questions

Applications of Virtual Reality






Scientific visualization

Games and entertainment

Industrial design and architecture

Hardware Integration

Addon solution is offering hardware specific VR services to design and develop new age applications that give a grip to the raw potential of this firm and influential art form.
  • As a top-most and leading virtual reality development in India, we build virtual reality & the mobile app experiences using different companies hardware for achieving solution, which will define the business objectives.
  • Addon solution team of experts will support you to capitalize on business and technology capabilities
  • From the experience of past our in-house team can make the immersive experiences for the global enterprises and the dynamic startups alike. We are happy to work and collaborate with you to develop VR app development solutions that meet the objective and requirements of your business. Our expert team will provide the world-class VR app development services for the different platforms, including Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, and many more.
Technology Stack used in the development

Web Technologies



Mobile Technologies


Strategy & Communication

Pros of VR

  • Creates interest
  • Does not feel like work
  • Increased student involvement
  • Quality of education is improved
  • Eliminate the language problem
  • Has an outstanding visualization, which isn’t possible in a traditional classroom

Cons of VR

  • Lack of communication
  • Lack of flexibility
  • Issues of functionality
  • The habit of the people
  • High cost

How We Work Remotely

Business models of your choice

We are providing the three business models in web and mobile app development: full-time hiring, hourly hiring, and part-time hiring. It gives the maximum flexibility and meets the resource requirements.

Benefits of partnership with US

VR is a new technology which still requires being exploring more. A Team of VR programmer focuses on building innovative custom solutions for our satisfied clients.


Our VR mobile app developers have vast experience in creating the mobile app solutions for the clients belonging to the different industry and target the audience of different age and from a different location.

Transparent & Competitive

Transparency is the key to success for building the loyal program. We make sure to the client their work will be done on time and will also get the progress. We will build the perfect solution for the application.

Custom Experience

Every business must have some unique feature to stand against the competitor. The function must attract the target audience. We are trying to build the custom VR solutions for the clients.

Engage Solutions

It will try to reach the buyers to earn loyalty by giving them attractive solutions. It implemented after the research and analysis of the competitors, product, and location.