Tinder App Clone Development

Tinder App Clone Development

Nowadays Tinder is one of the most famous applications in the internet users, and there are many similar apps such as Coffee Meets Bagel, Bumble, Double, OkCupid, Hinge, Badoo, Zoe, Skout, Do I date, Happn, Now, and Grindr. If you are looking to develop such dating mobile apps, we are the right team for your project.

Online Dating Market Growing

According to statista Revenue in the Online Dating business is US$1,221m in 2019. And it is growing having a clone script which is a fast and easy way to search about their dates and matches. We have the team of experts on technology which will help you in building the dating app. People are using more internet for dating. We will give you the customize feature which will be not available in some of the original apps. The user can search for the people from any location and get connected to them and also do the real-time chat. You can search on the age, qualification, town, etc.

How do tinder works?

  • In the 21st century, we can date any people with the use of modern technological apps. This app can work with an Internet connection. It is the best outstanding social media app. With the help of this app, users can take the biggest decision of their life, i.e. searching a life partner. Tinder also has an official website for downloading into the desktop.
  • First thing, you have to download the tinder app and create an account. You have to connect it with your Facebook account so that the selection of choosing a photo will be easy. You can also describe yourself in short or a professional as you want. After completing the creation of the account, you can meet the people by looking into their profiles. The profile will be the same as providing information like name, age, sex, live location, education, and much more information also. You can also find out the similar friends in both of you by connecting through Facebook. There is also a swipe screen for the user to move left or right to view the profiles.
  • If you move left of the screen, it means that you do not want to see this profile again, if you move right to the screen it means you like this profile. If the people whom you liked a profile also swipe right and gives your profile ”yes,” then it’s a “PERFECT MATCH” screen is viewed. They can now communicate with each other for the better picture of your life partner. Tinder web also keeps in mind about the security of visitors. Tinder website and app both have provided a block button by eliminating the previously viewed, which you do not like after match due to some reasons. Your safety always comes first regarding to us.

Custom Dating App Features (user’s side)


You can see which profile is being viewed by whom.

List of users

You can browse the list of registered users.

Matches based on distance

You can add miles and find the match

Age-dependent match

You can look up for a match by the age


Dislike means you are not interested in that person.


Matches identified on a single page only on one platform.

User Settings

The user can do settings for privacy, notification and other from settings screens.

View of Card

Move right to like, Move left to dislike, passport or rewind on tinder.

Images & Videos

Users can upload the pictures & videos in their online dating profile.

User registration

Sign up with a Facebook, Google, Twitter account, or with an email to hide your identity.


A smart tool via through which you can see the how much the other people are liking the profile on the platform.

Super Like

Like means whom you only like and super like you list and do not want to miss them.

Real-Time Messages

They can start their communication with their match under the “Chat” option. In that, the user has the option of attaching media and files.

Payment Integration

To buy the extra features within application we do integrate Stripe, PayPal and other payment gateway.

Matching Algorithm

Having the ability to find the best match for both the parties. Our custom app script will send the notifications to both parties when they swipe right and like each other’s profile.

User-friendly easy to operate

Implement your own dating business user-friendly, by knowing the users should include the all necessary information which they wish to add to their profile.

Planning of date

The planning feature is very important we can add calendar, reminder and other features for date planning so users can fix their date with their match.

Web Admin Panel Features (Super Admin Access)

Database Back-up Management

Settings for system auto back-up or manually and restore.

General Settings

Super administrator can manage with general settings like currency, location, logo, etc.

List of users

You can browse the list of registered users with their status like active, inactive, blocked, etc. Admin can delete, suspend users from web admin panel.

View Statistics

Get detailed statistics above user views based on location, age and different criteria and same way end users can see the whom profile is being viewed by whom.

Spam / Abuse Reports

A smart tool via through which you can see the how many spam and Abuse reports generated from the front-end and take action accordingly.

Financial Transaction

View paid to subscribe users and other financial reports, Admin can manage different subscription plan from the back-end, and it will reflect on the front-end app and website.

Analytics Dashboard

You can view how many users registration done monthly, weekly, yearly and all-time with different charts, and other important information with quick access to the detailed information.

You’re Business Model for Dating Apps

For any application or website revenue generation is very important to sustain and carry business in the future. We can help you with a different business model where you can earn much more based on traffic and users taste. How dating business makes money. Here we have different list of features where you can generate your income from dating world business.

Different Package like in Tinder Gold

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Undo like Tinder

You cannot make the mistake of swipe left or right. Otherwise you have to pay.


The user can fix the location up to the certain kilometers. The users can change the location and move to the right, i.e., for travelers.

Countless swipes

The swipes for the free account are limited to some numbers, but after that, the charges are there for swipes.

Sponsored Profile

Allow the user to make their profile as sponsored or featured and make charges to use these features separately from membership, While making featured or sponsored profile users get more impression on their profile.


Our team will integrate different ads network on different screens as well based on user actions taken into the system; Ads network display different ads and create an impression and clicks through ads.

Premium Features

Our business analyst will research how to make more money via new custom dating application and for the same they will dig in depth for premium features to add to the application. The system will charge to use those premium features .

Members Subscription

You can generate more income flow via offering free and paid membership within your product such as monthly / yearly paid membership versus free membership, Our dating app developer knows how to make features for free members and paid members.

Price of Building a Dating App

Now the question is how much does it cost to make apps like Tinder? And other famous dating apps there are the many persons and companies which would like to build a dating app. In this, we would require a team of expert developers and some unique features which client would like to implement. Dating app development cost finalizes based on custom features list to implement and which geographically you are looking to develop it such as like in Europe, USA, North America, Australia, and India. In general, range to create an app like tinder, it would cost around $10k to $60k for Web, Android and iOS platform. So if you wish to develop an app, then contact us and implement your dating app.













Why select Addon Solutions?

24/7 support

We are always here to support you through the channels of online & offline both.

Technical Support

Our team of experts will give you registration of accounts on the services like payment gateway, SMS gateway, etc.

Native iOS & Android Apps

Our experts will have all app features in the native languages of iOS & Android app to give the lightweight script or product.

Free error support

We will try to deliver the bug-free software to you. If in any circumstances, if you find a bug, we will provide you a free of cost service within the support period.

Accessible Code

While we develop custom product for your brand its 100% yours without any code encryptions. You can access code of your product based on the package. You can change or customize the script to attract the customers. They will be changing as per the package implemented in it. We also provide support in deploying the app in the play store or apple store.

Expertise for Dating Apps Development

Since the inception of our Company, we are in dynamic custom mobile app development. We have professional developers team who build, launch, support and do online marketing for your application.

Installation & Manage Server

After you have developed custom software, we will implement your product into the server without no charge. We will also support to manage your server after making it live.

FAQS (Frequently Asked Questions)

Where is your company located?

Addon Solutions located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

How long does it take time to develop an app like Tinder?

The time of development is dependent on the requirements of the clients. Our developers have a rough idea of development will be 10-12 weeks.

How will I get the money from this app?

The money from the app can make from Subscriptions, In-app purchase, Advertisement, Premium plans.

In which platform the app will be developed?

The app will be developed on iOS and the Android platform with dynamic web admin and front-end.

Is source code modifiable?

Yes, the source code is 100% modifiable, which will give the flexibility in code.

Do Addon Solutions provides a technical support?

Yes, we provide 36 months free technical support.

Will Addon Solutions sign NDA?

The client and Addon Solutions will sign an NDA agreement to protect sensitive information you share with us.

How will you accept the money?

The payment accepted by us is via PayPal or Net Banking.

What are your business models?

We provide a developer in 3 forms. They are 1. Full-time 2. Hourly 3. Part-time

Is team direct access allowed?

Yes, you can get direct access with senior developers and project managers during the project development phase

Do I need to develop it from scratch or buy some script?

If you are looking for developing a dating app, there are many ways to start. We would provide a customized application which you don’t get in original dating apps such as Tinder and many more. Or you can buy any ready-made script, and we can customize it according to your requirements.

Technologies used for creating Tinder-like app

To develop such user based application, we select robust tools and technology which are scalable

  • iOS
  • Xcode
  • GPS
  • Android
  • HTML 5
  • JavaScript
  • Python
  • MongoDB
  • Redis
  • Third Party API
  • Facebook API, Twitter API, Google Map API
  • Server: Linux
  • AngularJS

Solutions we offer

  • Application Customization
  • Development from scratch
  • API Integration
  • UI/UX Graphics Design
  • Web Development
  • Mobile App Development
  • Digitize Business
  • Server Maintenance
  • Application Maintenance
  • Apple Store And Google Play Store Management


These most popular dating apps will provide you the way to meet with the people and also get connected with other single people who are like you. There are some of the best dating apps which have given some unique features to make it attractive towards users. We are here to make a clone of any these app and develop it from scratch or if you have brought any clone of these apps our team customizes it for you

1. BeLinked

It is same as the LinkedIn profile

2. Coffee Meets Bagel

It will allow the users to talk and meet

3. Zoosk

Has the technology hind the images and will find out what you like most.

4. Match

It has a large amount of database it takes time to sift through profiles.

5. OKCupid

Having a countless number of users which will help you to set the date and time of dating

6. The League

It will fix the dating with whom you liked, and it will also hide the profile from social media.

7. Bumble

Here the women will work as a head, and she can change the dating date dynamically.

8. eharmony

It has matched a lot of people and also creates a questionnaire so that users feel ease to ask each other.

9. EliteSingles

You will find the professional busy people who would take a lengthy exam and will compulsorily need to have a college degree.

10. Happn

It does the matching by some priorities you select. You can view your liked profile up to 24 hours, after that it is removed automatically.

Words from our satisfied clients

To develop an app was a very big challenge for me as I have a different idea and I do not know what to do for this. In that situation, Addon Solutions appears as a guardian for me. The team of expertise does not only implement my ideas in development but also give me some ideas and suggestions to make a better development app. Addon Solutions has skilled and expert developers and designers who can create every tool. They are the proficient app programmers. – Michael Jordi