Starting a new business is like realizing a dream. But the nitty-gritty of daily operations can be confusing and complicated. What do you need? What are your preferences? Who are trustworthy? Which approach is the best one?

At Addon Solutions, we understand the challenges that startup businesses face. We also understand the need to acquire business in the form of customers quickly and in a streamlined manner. We advise you on strategies to grow your business because helping startups is in our DNA. Our seasoned startup solutions are designed for getting you the right IT aid to get business off the ground. Additionally, we allocate resources based on your specific needs too.

Our solutions are devised in such a way that they meet

  • Your budget and time constraints
  • Outsourcing challenges and difficulties
  • Your belief in ideas and concepts
  • Your roadmap for the business future

This is where, Addon Solutions pops in. Our developed mobile apps are developed after a thorough requirement study, a lengthy market scenario assessment, the viability of the app and a detailed app solution plan. We assist businesses to exploit the power of smart mobility for deriving better business value. Our exceptionally functional mobile apps are stringently tried and tested across all smartphone segments before being delivered.

Our Approach

Our tailored startup solutions are not restricted to any particular industry or domain. You can get your website developed and hosted and even your social media engagement realized. We pay attention to each and every element in the growth stage with customized solutions to meet business needs.

Contact us and you can have everything you need – the right hardware, cost-efficient software, perfect configuration, quick deployment, and prompt cloud services.

Startup Boost Solutions with MVP

We help startups in quickly establishing their information technology infrastructure and make use of collective resources while they can focus on developing and expanding their new business. Our years of experience will be valuable for you as we implement a tailored solution that fits your budget and needs.

Our focus on MVP product development along with attachment to impeccable quality, professionalism and perfection will augur well for your requirements. Contact us today to know more about what we can do.

Our tailored offerings for startups include:

  • Define design goals and web identity
  • Rapid development of Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
  • Verification and Validation
  • Establishing the standard metrics
  • Boost Customer Service efficiency
  • Optimize customer acquisition process
  • Flexibility and Scalability in Operations
  • Comprehensive Maintenance and Support
  • Expansion and Internationalization Solutions