Saas Application Development

SaaS Application Development

SaaS based app development at Addon Solutions means ring the power of cloud with rapid yet cost saving development

What is SaaS Application?

Why cloud software as a service?

It is a short form of Software as a Service, a method of software delivery for remote users through the Internet. It is a model for software licensing and delivery to use it by the subscribers only with the periodic fees.

However, SaaS is an extension of ASP (Application Service Provider) services. It is differing in many respects and more advanced.

What is Significance of SaaS Application Today?

We build a SaaS Php, .NET, and Java app from scratch

Addon Solutions is one of the top SaaS App Development Company in India and USA. We provide saas based application development services with high-quality assurance, time-sensitive, and support & maintenance for saas cloud, saas software, saas web application, saas mobile application with affordable rates.

In the traditional IT software model, we need to invest a lot in the hardware and software infrastructure. Today SaaS software comes with a better, reliable, and affordable alternative solution to the software needs of different size of the businesses and enterprises or organizations.

If we look at the importance of SaaS software in the present IT environment, we can say

  • SaaS is centrally hosted, so it is available to all subscribers at a time. It means you do not need individual set of hardware and software to maintain
  • SaaS is accessible on the thin clients using the web browser without consuming more resources of client devices. Therefore, it has high adoption rate in contemporary mobile era where myriads of device forms are in practice
  • It is on-demand software, so subscribers pay on a usage basis. Therefore, it again cut the cost of licensing
  • SaaS applications need not install on the client devices so save us from bearing software on own devices
  • Hosting, maintenance, and upgrade responsibilities are to the cloud-based SaaS providers so save us from spending on in-house developer team
  • Upgrades are automatic and applicable to all clients at a time, so they are painless upgrades
  • With multitenant architecture, scopes for customization is big and with great APIs, seamless integration of existing and new 3rd party services is quite easy

In short, enterprises love SaaS due to its multi-tenancy approaches that allow them to scale the application rapidly and without any additional cost. For IT professionals, it offloads the management burdens and cut the cost considerably due to pricing models.

What We Do?

We are offering SaaS Web App and SaaS Mobile App Complete Solutions for your business

SaaS Web Application

We have strong experienced SaaS application developer team who develop Software-as-a-service (SaaS) web application using latest tools and technologies. SaaS web application is browser-based software cloud services which need a constant Internet connection with no local resources consumption as software/app resides on the cloud with a database and due to this user not required to install the application on their local computers. There are some benefits of SaaS web application as a vendor can put excellent pricing models make it cost efficient for the end user secondly consistent and seamless updates are possible for the app while there are few negative points such as low chances for customization or personalization for the individual customer.

SaaS Mobile App Development

We offer custom Saas Mobile App development services with affordable rates for iOS and Android Saa Application. We do app which can run online as well as offline It is a browser-less cloud on native mobile OS interface in SaaS iOS or Android mobile app installation required, and some data resides on the devices’ storage itself. Hire SaaS mobile app developer for developing high-end data security with smart backup facility and perfect for in-depth customization and personalization app.

Hire SaaS Developer

Hire experienced SaaS application development team for your project

Addon Solutions is offering to hire SaaS developer on an hourly basis, full-time, part-time, contract basis or freelancer. Our SaaS experts available for USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Germany and other countries with different time-zone. We have a team of SaaS Developers with desired coding expertise and using the best programming practices yield “World-Class” SaaS products with Innovation, Robustness, Extensibility, Scalability, Integration, Modern UX, and Usability.

  • Our SaaS Programmers have expertise on the underlying technologies and capable of delivering success in the meeting unique challenges of the SaaS model.
  • Our SaaS consultants have the knack to guide the clients in the right direction by helping them to realize the true potential of cloud in their businesses or professions.
  • We use the best Project Management Software and communication channels to offer the best client experiences to our offshore patrons.
  • We always carefully select the development strategies and methodologies to make the process cost-effective yet quality oriented.

What is Architecture of SaaS?

How to build a SaaS Application or SaaS Software Development

The most prevalent architecture of the SaaS solution is multitenant architecture. In the multitenant model, a single version of the application working with a single configuration of hardware, software, and OS for all beneficiaries (Tenants).

Therefore, resources sharing takes place on the various layers of the IT system architecture including Application Layer, Database Layer, and Infrastructure Layer.

Different tenants may share or not, the respective layers of the system architecture and based on the sharing we can classify the SaaS structure in following ways.

  • Isolated tenancy with no sharing at all
  • Infrastructure tenancy with the sharing of underlying infrastructure layer only
  • Application tenancy has shared of code and infrastructure by each tenant
  • Shared tenancy has shared of all underlying layers such as application, infrastructure, and database too. Database sharing is with a unique ID to offer security and privacy
  • The team of SaaS developers at Addon Solutions can help you to select the right model according to your requirements and budget.
  • Thus, the selection of the tenancy model may depend on the types of SaaS application, the expertise of SaaS developers, complication involved, and a deadline of the project.

What is different SaaS Apps vs. Traditional Software App

Which application development should I go SaaS V/S Traditional Web App

SaaS App

  • SaaS Applications: Software as a service (SaaS) is a method of providing online application/software to your customer over the Internet as a service.
  • Save Money and Time: As SaaS apps tend to be utility-based which is awesome for lowering costs customer don’t need to pay to like stand-alone software license fees and don’t need to install SaaS-based application it is ready to go within few clicks
  • Better infrastructure: Generally SaaS apps hosted in the Cloud which allows you to access your application & data anywhere from the world where you access the internet. Always get updates with latest resources and tools and technology, get more secure then tradition in-house security measurements

Traditional Software Apps

  • Traditional Software: Software as a service (SaaS) is a method of providing online application/software to your customer over the Internet as a service.
  • Regular Basis Maintenance: In traditional software, you may need to maintain your software regular basis with in-house team and upgrade based on requirements which lead more cost and time for operating software at in-house
  • Delaying Operation: In business, it required to add new functionality regular basis When you are using self-hosted traditional web app or software it may cause a delay in your operation when developing or adding new functionality to your existing system due to many reasons such as lack of domain expertise resources availability, finance issues, and implementation duration etc. while in SaaS model customer can rid of all above issues.

SaaS Development Services at Addon Solutions

Our SaaS application development services include

We offer high-end SaaS web application and mobile application development services in contemporary spirit and compatibility with the modern computing devices including desktops, handheld devices, and now IoT with wearables.

It is true that SaaS web applications are available on the mobile devices. It is due to responsive designing for mobile-friendly development. However, SaaS mobile apps are superior and differ from the web app in many respects, so it is better we accustomed to their differences in brief.

  • SaaS Consultancy Services
  • SaaS Strategy & Concept Development Services
  • SaaS Platform Strategy Development Services
  • SaaS User Experience Design Services
  • SaaS Prototyping Services
  • SaaS Architecture Development Services
  • SaaS Design Services
  • SaaS Application Development Services
  • SaaS Testing Services
  • SaaS Database Management and Analytics Services
  • Cloud Integration Services for SaaS Development
  • On-Premise to SaaS Migration Services

Skill Set Needed to Develop SaaS Application

Addon Solutions have strong technical expertise in developing Software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications using the language such as PHP, ASP.NET, NodeJS, Java, C#/.NET., AngularJS, and more. Fundamentally, SaaS never specifies any technology, but software development technologies are applicable according to the needs of the solutions.

Therefore, all-rounder team in various desktop, web, and mobile development technologies is mandatory to win the battle of success. The following are basic software development technologies, which are relevant in contemporary SaaS development environment.

UI designing Scripts

  • JavaScript, jQuery
  • Angular JS, Node JS
  • Bootstrap and other frameworks

Cloud Services & their APIs

  • PaaS, IaaS, DaaS, etc.
  • AWS
  • EC2
  • Web Storage S3

Database Management

  • PostGRE SQL
  • MongoDB
  • MySQL


  • Java/Android for Android app development
  • PHP and its open source platforms
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Objective-C/Swift for iOS app development
  • Python
  • Microsoft technologies for Windows Phone development

Fortunately, Addon Solutions have required skill sets with prolonging experiences in the entire classic to modern web and mobile app development technologies that ultimately helps our patrons to get robust SaaS applications for a variety of purposes.

We have years of experiences in the development of applications on the cloud. Do you want to leverage it in your favor? Contact us

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