M2M Technology Solutions

M2M Technology

Make Your Business Smart Using M2M Technology Solutions Developed by Addon Solutions. With the advent of technologies, Machine to Machine communication becomes a reality. M2M (Machine-to-Machine) technologies have provided foundation stones for the advanced IoT (Internet of Things) phenomena, which is now fostering a billion dollar industry and more wide scopes opportunities than ever before.

M2M Solutions

Addon Solutions Connect Machines and Humans on an Unimaginable Scale

Modern machines, be it, mechanical, electrical, electronics, or nature made human organs can communicate easily using M2M technologies. We, at Addon Solutions, are accustomed with vital components of M2M technologies such as:

  • Data acquisition through sensors, RFID, and relevant devices loaded with software.
  • Transmitting the data using wired, wireless, or hybrid network channels. For instance, telephonic, mobile, internet and cloud services.
  • Developing intelligent applications to grind data and present for the vital decision-making process.
  • Developing automation to trigger actions based on preset rules and commands without any human interference.
  • Enterprise Solutions
  • Java Application Programming
  • J2EE Application Development

These knowledge, skills and expertise in M2M technology solutions enable us to add values in the life of individuals, businesses, organizations, and communities by-and-large.

Utility Services

Our M2M solution experts help you to create a smart city by offering various M2M solutions for electricity, water supply, waste management, traffic management, and disaster management. We have expertise on the development of smart meter, energy, and fuel consumption monitoring M2M solutions for smart grid as well as smart home creation.

Media Management

We know media and big data are interconnected so our M2M solutions comprising media management solutions for newspaper, magazines, televisions, and electronic hoarding across the states or nations to convey messages, advertising, and content in real-time. For instance, price fluctuations in fuel, stocks, or currency.

Infrastructure Management

We make rural and urban infrastructure management including bridges, roads, railways, and air traffic management smooth and in real-time using our M2M solutions. Thus, we enhance security, safety, and performance in cost-effective ways.

With our outstanding M2M solutions, you will notice improvements in incident management, emergency management and responses, and quality of services in various infrastructure managements.

Energy Management

Energy management is crucial for individuals as well as industries at all levels. Therefore, our integration of sensing and actuation systems with M2M solution network enables our patrons to optimize energy consumption as a whole and offer effective power usage for providers along with the users.

Thus, our M2M solutions let you remotely control energy devices, electric and electronic home appliances, and other gadgets to optimize and monitor the energy usages.

Agriculture Industries

In many nations, agriculture is the main source of income and base industry. Therefore, our weather-related M2M solutions let them manage various functions and agricultural operations remotely without any intervention of human being. Therefore, we make irrigation system automatically operated and relate it with temperature, humidity, and wind velocity of weather as well as the land itself.

We make food storage and processing system sensitive to weather, market, and supply and enhance its security.

Retail and Wholesale Businesses

We are extending our helping hands in the automation of inventory management, sale process, accounting and record keeping processes, and finance management processes for the retailers as well as the wholesalers in different markets as well as geographies across the globe.

Our M2M solutions automate you billing process at POS, ATM machines, card payments, internet payments, and many accounting solutions for real-time usages.

Consumer Electronic Industry

We connect computing devices, mobile/handheld gadgets, home appliances, various utility electronic devices and other kinds of electronic devices through our M2M solutions to offer remote control, data transmission, data analysis, and other advanced purposes.

Medical Healthcare Industry

Using smart body sensors, we collect, analyze, and monitor data from the patients and present in comprehensive formats on your computing and handheld devices. These let doctors act on emergencies and even while on the go without F2F visiting patients.

Manufacturing Industries

We help manufacturers of diverse nature for process management, process automation, asset management, and product management using smart sensors, software, and data collection as well as analyzing solutions.

Who Could Be Our Prospective Clients for M2M Solutions

If you fall in the following business niches or industries where M2M is possible anyhow our out-of-box M2M solutions or IoT solutions are indispensable for a bright future, health, and wealth of your business or enterprise.

Tools And Technology

What Makes Addon Solutions, A Leading M2M solution provider

Technically, Machine-to-Machine technologies or Internet-of-things happens with amalgamate of various technologies such as

Of course, we know that we can’t discuss all M2M and IoT related things on this space constrained web page. Therefore, we expect you and humbly request you to contact our technical as well as marketing team for detailed discussions and your unique issues for bespoken solutions.

  • Hardware
  • Software
  • The Web or Internet
  • Cloud
  • Networking
  • NFC
  • Optical Tags
  • BLE
  • GPS

Fortunately, our experts in M2M technologies have the profound expertise and prolonged experiences in the aforementioned technologies, tools, and techniques to realize high user experienced M2M solutions at a budget.

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