Hire iPhone App Developer

Hire iPhone App Developers

Build Elegant Apps! And Hire iPhone App Developers and Programmers for custom apps development. Addon Solutions is offering to hire experienced top developers with full-time/part-time we made easy hiring process for you.

iPhone Apps Have Great Demand!

Today Businesses know that their target audience is on the mobile, so mobile presence is a must for success, and only experienced programmers can do it for you.

Today, Applications have become part of routine life and becomes a necessity for business or organizations to reach their potential customers. In such a scenario, it becomes necessary to hire iPhone application developer who can offer great innovative apps to cater to your requirements.

How to Hire App Developer?

We are an excellent team of experts. Addon Solutions is an exclusive and pioneer team of App Experts. We provide various Remote services. Addon Solutions is best known for its offshore staffing service, as we offer to hire remote iPhone application developers at very affordable rates. Find easy steps to hire iPhone developer team from India.

Easy Steps for Hiring a Team

1. Inquire

Send your project scope of work (requirements) to our team for your projects. Everything you need to know and write about your project is in a scope of work document

2. Evaluate & Estimation

Our top specialist’s team business analyst will evaluate your project scope of work with Feasibility Assessment (Technical, Operational, Schedule, Economic, Go-to-market) and Version Compatibility

3. Receive Proposal & Choose Developer

Go through our proposal in details. Our team member’s ready for any questions and answers, Schedule interview with our team, and you choose top iPhone app programmers to start your project.

4. Pay & Start Project

Start your project with the selected experts. Choose flexible engagement models like Time & Material, Fixed Cost, or Set up virtual office remotely with a dedicated developer and choose different payment options available.

5. Manage and Updates

Get daily and weekly live demonstration from our top iPhone app developers for your project. Monitor and control your remote team via project management tools and IM and get regular project updates.

6. Go Live & Free Support

Check testing reports and approve to go live. The team will make it live in the app store and get free support for 60 days for your project. The team will assist you with a marketing plan.

Our Team Services

Customization in iPhone App

Our developers will help in the business operations, and bring the value from all aspects from discovery to monetization.

Migrate Android to iPhone app

Our developers will help in the business operations, and bring the value from all aspects from discovery to monetization.

Application Graphics Design

The designers will provide the attractive and UX/UI will flow Apple’s design guidelines.

Application strategy

In this, there will be planning & blueprint of mobile applications for creating and deploying the app on iTunes / Apple Store.


The testing services of our QA will give a guarantee that your app will work flexibly on all the smart device of Apple.

Support & Maintenance

Maintenance, support, and optimization services will monitor the applications at a real-time and reduce any issue if it occurs.

How our developer design your Application Architecture

While developing the app devices does not give direct access to hardware. All the interaction of equipment takes place by the use of the different layers of software which will act as an intermediate between application and hardware of devices. These software layers referred to as an operating system. In referred to as iPhone OS.

There are several programming frameworks for the development of applications that will run on top of the operating system.

Every operating system has a layer which increases the level of abstraction that is away from the complexity of the hardware. The solutions for your programming goal in the framework are at a high level of OS layer before writing code, which reaches down at the lowest layers. The fewer lines of code will help you to achieve the objective of your project. The lesser system will have a smaller opportunity that will have fewer bugs.

Which is the best Application architecture:
MVVM vs. MVP vs. MVC vs. VIPER

Our team will check several architecture patterns and find which one is the best for your application. Once the scope of work checked in details. We will finalize the architecture pattern to be used in your application that is based on weighting tradeoffs in your particular business case.

Cocoa MVC

The Cocoa Model-View-Controller Pattern

Nowadays most commonly used pattern in Cocoa Touch development. With this architecture, developer can work on large scale and very quickly as when they make changes to one of the layers without affecting the other segments of the pattern.

How to find an app developer? Remote Developer v/s Onsite Developer

Will You Hire an In-House or Remote Team? There are a couple of benefits with hiring remote developers the main benefit costs; obviously, the cost of hiring a remote team is much cheaper than onsite. Secondly, domain expertise there are thousands of talented iPhone apps programmers who are incredibly experienced and suits your requirements. In another in-house side developer, you need to spend more 60% cost than offshore development not only just cost but hard to find right talented team members and required skills.

Our team has proven technical competency on the xCode, SDK, and Inbuilt APIs. With a bent for novelty, our consultant offer out-of-box custom apps, which employ various features & functionalities like multi-touch interface, accelerometer, dialer, address book, calendar, etc.

Tools & Technology Stack

We have an experienced team of developers to hire exclusively for your projects. Our team of specialist has proven technical competency on the SDK. With a bent for novelty, our developers offer out-of-box custom solutions, which employ various features & functionalities like multi-touch interface, accelerometer, dialer, address book, and calendar. Exactly what you need to know about our expert skills in iOS

  • Xcode IDE
  • Interface Builder
  • iPhone SDK
  • Core Services layer
  • Mac OS X
  • Cocoa
  • Objective-C
  • Swift
  • Database MySQL, SQLite
  • Location API
  • Safari Web Kit Extensions
  • ARkit, VRkit
  • OpenGL ES
  • Unity 3D Engine
  • Open AL
  • XML Parsing
  • XML-RPC Framework
  • GLSprite Animation
  • Debugging in Xcode
  • REST and SOAP
  • Git and GitLab
  • SVN Subversion
  • Unit Testing and XCTest
  • React for iPhone
  • Augmented Reality
  • Core OS layer
  • Media layer
  • OpenCV
  • Virtual Reality
  • Cocoa Touch layer
  • Core OS layer
  • Torch
  • Machine learning
  • Artificial Intelligent
  • In-App Purchases
  • API Integration


Addon Solutions is the fastest growing mobile application development company globally.

Our Hiring Models

Offsite Remote Developer

Our hired remote developers will work from India offshore center and will bring you to the offshore development center for a visit. We are giving the client-orient process in that our project manager will stay connected with you in an array and will report you on-time.

Onsite Employee

We are offering the Onsite services for the project execution at your place, and the companies are working in the same geographical border that fills the gaps by the development cycle, which has a full-time presence at your office.

Near-Shore Staffing

Our Nearshore app developers have served to the counties like Singapore, China, Canada, US, UK, European, and many more, which will have the regular review meetings, system deployment, and ongoing IT project development.

Type of Applications which we have reshaped

Our App Guru has developed an experience for the clients and end-users via mobile apps and will generate the revenue also. We will recognize the many benefits provided to the business. If regarding this you have still any query or question related to our services, feel free to contact us.
If you have an immediate hiring requirement, feel free to contact us for hire iPhone programmers from India and get benefits of domain expertise.

GPS Based Application

eCommerce Store

Logistics and Transportation

Enterprise Application

Social Networking


Real Estate

Web-based Mobile Applications

WebRTC Audio & Video Streaming

Food & Beverage Delivery

Lifestyle & Dating

Educational Application

Mobile App Portfolio

Maniyar user
Maniyar store
Maniyar driver

Why Addon Solutions?

  • Our members have vast experience in the iPhone application development
  • Highly innovative and creative team of experts works for you only
  • Transparency in communication
  • Easy and Sophisticated Project Development & Management
  • Effective time and project management through experts
  • Avail up to 60% cost reduction on iPhone App
  • Team will work in different shifts according to your convenience
  • Continuous flow of technical support
  • Sharpen skills in iOS programming
  • Daily status reports on project

Glimpse of our Different Hiring Models

Now, you can hire iPhone freelancers at your convenience. Our Hiring Models are designed specifically to suit your diverse needs and deeds.

Working Method

Part Time
  • 4 Hours/Day, Total- 22 Days/Month
  • Payment/ Billing: Monthly
  • Minimum Hiring Duration: 2 Months
Hourly Basis
  • Any of your suitable time.
  • Payment/ Billing: Weekly
  • Minimum Hiring Duration: Not Applicable
Monthly Basis
  • 8 Hours/Day, Total- 22 Days/Month
  • Payment/ Billing: Monthly
  • Minimum Hiring Duration: 2 Months
Project Basis
  • 8 Hours/Day, Total- 22 Days/Month
  • Payment/ Billing: Monthly (May vary according to the project complexity and tools & technologies, men power involved)
  • Minimum Hiring Duration: Vary According to the Project

The FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How much time does it take to develop the application?

It is dependent on the requirement of the client, but roughly it takes six months to create an app.

Do you work according to the app owner time zone?

We usually work on Indian time zone, but in case, if the app owner wants to work according to their time preference then also we are convenient & satisfied.

Will you provide a project manager to supervise the resources?

Every client has assigned the project manager, which will give the regular updates of their project.

What is the cost of hiring iPhone developers?

The cost is dependent on the experience of developers and the size of the project.

Will your programmer work on the latest technology?

Our dedicated developers will work on advanced technologies like BlockChain, IoT, AR/VR and deliver the secure and user-friendly applications.

Will your team work with the onshore developers?

Yes. We will give the flexible models for hiring the dedicated developers who will co-ordinate with the onshore developers for some unique requirement of the project. Addon solution professional developers will also visit if needed

If you have an immediate iPhone App Experts requirement, feel free to contact us

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