How much it cost to develop a Smart Bike Sharing App like Mobycy?

How much does it cost to develop a Smart Bike Sharing App like Mobycy?

Most of the roads of the world are jam-packed nowadays because of which people can not travel quickly not only that the amount of pollution in the world has also increased. Mobycy is a bicycle sharing app that will solve a lot of problems. People can travel short distances quickly at a very nominal cost and reduce the amount of pollution. Mobycy is first dockless bicycle sharing app of India. Akash Gupta and Rashi Agarwal founded Mobycy in 2017. This idea comes to India after China and USA. If you are looking to develop your Smart bike sharing app, then we at Addon Solutions will build it for you. We will make the app according to the idea of the customers and will add all the necessary features. We will also provide you a good business strategy to be successful in the market.

Various Apps Similar to Mobycy

Ola Pedal

PEDL (Zoomcar)




The market for E-bike, E-Scooter, Bicycle sharing apps

There is tremendous growth in the usage of the bike since 2013 where the number of the bike was just 700,00, and it tripped by 2.3 million in 2016.


China was the first country to have a considerable growth it had 430 public-usage bike running program in 2016. But dockless bike renting app is still facing problems in China because they are not able to earn the desired amount of profits. The user does not need to find a dock; they can leave it at any place. The other user can pick the bike at any time OFO and Mobike are the top bikes renting apps of China. But China’s third-biggest bike renting company Bluegogo which raised 600 million yuan went bankrupt.


By 2030 40% of Indians will be urbanized; hence the amount of traffic on the roads will also increase; therefore the need for bike sharing apps will also improve. People using public transport is 18.1%. Mobycy funds raised to  $500,000 but Mobycy is not the only one Ola and Zoomcar, bicycles have also come into the market. The market in India is new for this app. People are quite confident that it will be much more successful in India as compared to China.

Top Features of E-bike, E-Scooter, Bicycle Sharing apps


The user can reserve the bike in advance with the help of our app. You may think that there are lots of bike on the road, but sometimes it may disappear from the way in an instant; hence this feature will be very beneficiary for users.

Customer support survives

If bike riders are facing any problems while renting than they can quickly get in touch with the support team.

App to App call

With the help of this user can directly contact with support team by calling to them with the help of our app.

Fingerprint lock

Users can lock the bike after they have used it. With the help of fingerprint.


After using the bike, the user can give their feedback by their experience.

Why choose Addon Solutions?

Addon situated in India Ahmedabad. We will help you to develop the app according to the need as we have a skilled and experienced team of developers. Are you searching for Mobycy Bike Sharing Clone Applicatin Developmebnt Partners? If yes we are right choice for your venture.


We will develop the app quite cost effective and will give all the best features to it. We will also provide maintenance and support for the app.

Good UX/UI

We will make a user-friendly app that will have automation feature along with simple registration process.

Strong Database and network

We will provide a robust database for your app. Our app will also offer a well-connected network of bikes & stations to engage more customers.

How to earn money using the dockless bike sharing app?

Pay per ride

The user will pay minimal charges for each trip.


The user may pay for a subscription monthly, weekly, and annually.


You must allow all kinds of ads on your app. If you have a massive user, you can also choose to have brand partnerships for geographic targeting of people.

How Much It Cost to Make a Smart Sharing App Like Mobycy?

The process of developing a bike sharing app because for that we may have to make a robust database and a reliable API that will fetch the rate of various taxi from a different database. So people prefer to pay for that on an hourly basis. Hourly rate to build an app differs from place to place. Estimate to develop an on-demand app in India is $30 to $40. It will also include UI/UX, testing, and back-end, etc. To build a similar app in North American countries will nearly lie between $40 – $250/hour.