Hire Intel XDK developer

Hire Intel® XDK Developer

The Intel® XDK provides a cross-platform development environment for any mobile application development. Hire Intel® XDK Developer for your next project from Addon Solutions.

Intel® XDK Application Development

What is Intel XDK?

Nowadays there are various platforms for mobile app development most famous being android and iOS for deploying an app. Sometimes a developer has to develop the same app twice for both the platforms to reach to wider audience. To solve this problem, Intel developed an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) XDK to create native apps for the mobile phone.

Intel created an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) to develop native apps using languages like HTML, CSS Javascript. The apps designed for mobile phones and tablets. The Intel XDK launched in 2013. IDE allows developers to build, edit and simulate apps. However, It is not much suitable for phone/tablets it is much more ideal for IOT.

Features of Intel® XDK

The user will be able to create, edit and simulate app in IDE and then export to Cordova CLI for compilation into native code.
The emulator allows the host system to run software on a peripheral device designed for the guest system. In simple words, we can say that emulation is the ability of a computer program to emulate another program or devices.
Code Hinting and Code Completion
With the help of this feature, a lot of time saved as code hinting feature allow users to minimize coding time by enabling the user to insert and edit code quickly by reducing typographical errors.

Hiring process Used by Addon Solutions


The inquiry made with the help of the CV we will see that the amount of experience the developer has and whether he is compatible with the technologies used in your company and you can also look at the projects that he has done.

Take an interview

It is the most important thing while hiring a person you can ask all the questions that you want from the person like about technology that he has worked.

Select CV

We will select the CV of the best candidates that will be most compatible according to the organization or the app that they are building.

Add resources in your team

After the process of selection is over, then the person that we have chosen will be hired by your organizations.

Advantages of the Intel® XDK App Development

  • Effectiveness of developers: During the development of web apps to make changes one can make changes by just refreshing the browser but to create a difference in mobile app during its building what we need to do is deploy the code-cycle each time. By using react native, we will be able to make changes without recompiling or rebuilding the entire application.
  • Saves money by reusing the code: Because of Intel XDK, the user can use the same in Android and iOS. It saves labor time, and money and the company can concentrate more on developing new apps then to replicate it for Android and later for iOS.
  • Live Reload become easy: To make changes in the code testing is also done every time and the written code will reflect in the mobile screen with the help of React Native the need to recompile the application every time a change removed hence saves time.
  • Community matters: Intel XDK is a community-driven and open source platform. The most significant advantage of using a community-driven technology is that if you get stuck, you can get help from the community experts. Working on open source platform benefit is this you get recognization for writing code.
  • Improves optimal performances: Intel XDK improves the optimal performances with the help of native control and modules. The Intel XDK can connect to both the operating system iOS and Android and can generate code to the native API freely. The main reason for enhancing performance is that it can use different thread from UI and the native API.
  • Offers More Stable Apps: The process of data binding is simplified to make the app more reliable and stable, The child element of the data doesn’t influence our parent data.

FAQ’S (Frequently asked questions)

What are the steps an organization must take while hiring a developer?

The first thing is that you must be clear why are you hiring a developer and the technologies or languages you want the developer to work on in your company give all the requirement in detail to the sales team. Second is that once the developer has been chosen by the sales team according to your requirements then finalize the deal with them. Third is that once you will be fully satisfied with the developer then connect with the developer.

Is it possible to handle a team on its own by CTO?

Yes, it is easily possible to handle a team by a CTO what he needs to do after hiring a team he can assign them to the task then talk with its team about it. The business model for the CTO/technical person is not advisable.

Will the hired developer work hard and honestly with the organization?

Yes, it will work for your organization as all other employees.

Why to Hire from Addon Solutions?

Looking to hire Intel XDK developer don’t worry we at Addon Solutions will solve your problem we will provide you an experienced and professional React Native Developer that will be exactly suitable for your company.

What will occur if I am not satisfied with my developer will I be able to replace him?

We will replace him if there is any performance issue with the developer.