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Web Service Development by experienced API developer team for your real-time app communication with the web server. Addon Solutions offer API Development services for data synchronization with a mobile app and cloud server.

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Addon Solutions has achieved extraordinary proficiencies in Web Services, Web API Development, XML, and JSON programming for major mobile app platforms. Therefore, our seasoned API Developer is capable of using the power of JSON in your apps to integrate various web services like AWS and other cloud services to deliver real-time updates that we experience on the dynamic web applications.

What is the difference between Web Services and API (Application Programming Interface)?

API – Application Programming Interface is a set of different functions, procedures, data structures, routines, object classes provided by libraries and/or operating system which access the features or data of an operating system, application, or another service which is used for creating software and mobile applications.

Web Services: A web service is a service offered by is any piece of software for communicating with another piece of software via the Internet. Web service available over the internet and uses a standardized XML, JSON messaging system. For example, a client calls a web service by GET and POST methods, then waits for a corresponding response from another part.

There are a number of web services that use markup languages such as JSON-RPC, JSON-WSP, Web template, WSDL – Web Services Conversation Language and XML Interface for Network Services (XINS)

What We Do?

Addon Solutions offers custom application programming interface (API) development services, Web services development, Secure Web API Design & Development using different back-end frameworks like PHP, ASP.NET, Java, NodeJS and enabling smooth integration with your mobile app.

Outsource API Development to Addon Solutions we create and implement a solution for your needs, a software module API, plugin web services, web application API, Developing API for Mobile Applications, Cloud App, SaaS App, Web-based Services, and Custom API Development Service. Our Expertise in API or/ Web Services Development is Business & eCommerce apps API, Utility & Productivity Apps Web Services, Entertainment, Gaming, Value Conversion Apps, News & Weather, GPS & Location Based, Education, Health and Medical, Sports, Fashion, and B2B Apps.

JSON and XML Parshing Services

Why JSON is So Significant in iPhone App Web Services Development
  • Mobile devices are thin clients for huge data-driven mobile applications. Native mobile apps are unable to go straightly on the Internet for real-time data exchanges for real-time updates, which are again an essentiality for the modern iPhone mobile applications, e.g. notifications.
  • Therefore, the native mobile application has to establish a real-time connection with web browsers and other web components residing on the device or the Internet like cloud services or web services.
  • It ultimately poses the need for the efficient data-interchange format. With XML, Ajax is accomplishing such tasks of real-time updates and data-interchange. Unfortunately, mobile applications are hardly accepted Ajax technology universally and need something more easy and competent.
  • Therefore, C, C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, Perl, Python, etc. like programming language experts can use it willingly and make it an ideal data-interchange language. Thus, JSON has gained immediate traction when mobile era begun with the onset of iPhone app development.
  • JSON is a subset of JavaScript and short form of JavaScript Object Notation. JSON is quite easy for machines to parse and generate, as it is easy for humans (Programmers) to read and write the code.
  • Most importantly, it is acceptable for all computing devices where JavaScript or XML are falling short. For the web and mobile programmers, JSON is language independent absolutely and utilize highly familiar conventions for the programmers from different programming language backgrounds.
  • Today JSON is a part of new web development technique called AJAJ, instead of AJAX. In the AJAJ, JSON replaces XML and enable dynamic updates in real-time. Therefore, AJAJ, hence JSON is highly useful ecommerce and other iPhone mobile applications using the search box to retrieve data from the Internet, in cloud services, and other web services that need frequent data exchanges with native mobile applications in real-time.

Additional Advantages of JSON Framework

Make iOS and Android apps with just a single JSON, Build a REST API for Your Mobile Apps

JSON technology is the most preferred technology for the iPhone and other mobile application developers to leverage advancing web services and cloud computing technologies. JSON has some additional advantages that give it an extra edge over other similar technologies. For instance

  • To use JSON Framework, you don’t have to pay anything extra and thus, it won’t affect your overall development cost.
  • Simplifies the iPhone Application Development & testing process, which reduces the overall efforts and time consumed.
  • JSON Establishes a secure data transmission due to its lightweight human-readable data interchange format.
  • It has decent properties for security, scalability, and maintainability for the apps where it used.
  • Being an object notation language, JSON enjoys the support of a wide range of OPP languages used on the web as well as for the native iPhone and Android like mobile platforms.
  • JSON code is exceptionally compact and highly comprehensive, so it saves time and efforts of the iPhone or Android app developers.
  • For more details web services and JSON and XML Parsing reach us anytime.

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