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Addon Solutions offers to hire game programmers for developing creative games with high-end features including multi-player, single player, blue-tooth based games, coin collection and more games.

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  • “If you wish to get professional and experienced game coders @ affordable rates, then you came to right place! NO matter what your requirements are, whether you want a game for your smartphone devices, you want it on the web running online, or want it for desktops, we can help you to get the most outstanding and appealing games at affordable costs!”
  • The game is basically sequences of various actions performed by some predefined set of rules. In the end, it offers exciting and entertaining challenges to the players or users. Today, games are designed either for entertainment or can be used as a tool to create awareness about education.
  • The game programming is toughest and most sensitive part of game development. It requires game developers to have strong programming and innovative thinking in order to create most unusual and user engaging games.
  • Only a professional programmers with strong skills in programming, graphics, and UI designs can judge your game development righteously. Fortunately, Addon Solutions have all such things present in its game development team.
  • Our game developers have unbeatable programming and technical expertise in various languages like – Java, Java3D & Open GL ES, and are well versed with all the game engines as well.
  • Apart from this, we have decent interpersonal skills to help us to build unique and interactive games with team spirits for various platforms including desktops and mobile OSs.

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Addon Solutions a Professional Game Development Boutique

  • Whether you require fully-action-packed game, educational or other mobile games, Addon Solutions is a premium game development boutique where you can get innovative and appealing games designed for youngsters, and according to your needs & deeds!
  • We have a team of experts with years of experiences in various game categories and game development niches. They have expertise in 2D/3D, flash based games, developing games for various mobile development platforms like iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and other mobile OS platforms.
  • We are developing arcade or console games for desktop or laptops. Our game coders have in-depth knowledge of various game development platforms like –Java, Java 3D, C scripting, Microsoft Visual C++, XML, Open GL and much more…
  • Just have a look at our Game Applications in our portfolio to get idea of our work and creativity!
  • To get more details on our Game coders, please CONTACT US anytime or click here. We can provide you the most compelling and cost-effective outsourcing services according to your needs & deeds.

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