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We extremely respect your security and safety at all levels of the business deal.

Your Security Our Business Safety

  • We @ Addon Solutions, understand and realize the importance of confidentiality, particularly, related to critical details like project information, company information, or data of our clients’ projects, so we make sure that it must secure and should be accessed only by the authorized person, client, and the management team of our organization.
  • The relationship between the client & an IT service provider is much like an involvement of trust from both the sides. Moreover, we firmly believe that confidentiality or information security is crucial and vital for our clients as well as for the business partners, as it is for us.
  • Addon Solutions respect and endorse the requirements of security and confidentiality of client’s critical information or data. Therefore, we offer total security for the projects & information related to it through limiting the access to authorize a person, team leader, or the manager of the team. In due course, we offer a different level of confidentiality according to the requirements of the project and the client in following ways.

Project Data Confidentiality

We know many project data, and client’s data are vital and need protections from the
  • Hackers
  • Thieves-for data stealing
  • Security breaches
  • Data loss
  • Unauthorized alteration
  • Data copy
  • Data corruption
  • Data misuse
  • Data sales

Non-Discloser Agreement (NDA) with Clients:

In due course, we offer NDA (Non-Discloser Agreement) under the hood of the law of the lands of the both parties we in India, and our clients at offshore locations.

Our NDA used to include following clarifications and promises:

  • The nature of data we require or collect from the clients
  • Indications of the purposes behind the data collection
  • Explaining that how the data may be used
  • Define the measures for the data security
  • Fixing the entities whom the NDA would be disclosed/shared if needed
  • Listing the levels of the risks to the vital data

Our NDA with Our Employees or Staff

We sign NDA with our staff including technical and non-technical both to ensure the efficient implementation of the NDA signed with our esteemed clienteles. Thus, our Staff-NDA contains:

Agreements not to disclose any information regarding the clients and their data directly or indirectly that clearly indicates the data security breaching anyhow

Developers and designers cannot leave the company or project without accomplishing it successfully under any pressure or temptation

Third party information should be kept secure and confidential using the latest security and data backup technologies and remove and move at safe places once the project is finishing

Intellectual Property (IP) Protection

We made dedicated resources such as hardware, software, network, and local as well as Internet servers or cloud services as per the needs of clients. Therefore, we maintain the IP rights protections while allocating such resources and remove the previous information before shifting the project charges.

We follow strong ethical framework to protect the IP rights through any means including our network, our staff, and our service providers. Thus, our dedicated hiring resources work with exclusive LAN segments and with private cloud services.

Software & Hardware Security Measures at Addon Solutions

We take following measures at hardware and software levels to preserve the data safety and enhance the data security even during the data exchanges.

  • Appropriate firewalls for all computing devices
  • Strong user authentication systems
  • High-quality antivirus software and practices
  • Regular software patches
  • Log monitoring, maintenance, and tracking
  • Email security
  • Regular hardware, OS, and network audit for security and data safety
  • Comprehensive, multi-level data backup
  • IP address protection
  • Data encryption during data exchanges
  • Database maintenance and security measures

Physical Security Measures at Addon Solutions

We know only hardware and software security measures are not enough to implement absolute security and safety of the client data and their projects. Therefore, we also focus on the physical security measures to curb the data breaches straightly from their places of origins.

In due course, we take following physical security measures:

We implement the latest access control measures for the physical spaces or premises of the development work and other IT company purposes including:

Allocation of security staff

Allocation of ID cards

Security alarms and fire protection systems / equipment

Biometric access control

Network of security camera including CCTV network

Background checks for all employees prior to selection or hiring

If you have any doubt or want to know further our advanced security systems, please come into contact with our team.

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