Client : Internet Services Company which owns an Educational portal

Requirement : Database management of 100,000 universities based all over the world

To connect international students and agents with diverse international educational institutions

Integration of social media accounts Quick calculation of payment splits for awarding commissions to agents A personalized profile page for each user including student, parent, school and agent


  • Compile information of universities based around the world and segregate them with different user locations
  • Automated calculation with ratio split advertisement payment to agents after predefined calculation of commission to save on two-way transactional fees
  • Multilingual site supporting 90+ languages
  • Location-based listing of the site
  • Quick loading of the site
  • Solution

  • With the help of Drupal functionalities, Addon Solutions allocated the project to a team of PHP experts who managed to build a working prototype of the main site’s functionality within a week!
  • With the prototype in place, both parties enabled a transparent channel of communication to accelerate the decision-making and process. The website included reputed universities that each user including student, parent or agent could connect.
  • To solve the problem of storing a million records in the database,

To solve the problem of storing a million records in the database

  • the DBA team focused on performance tuning, query optimization, table splitting and other methods to accelerate the loading process of the site.
  • Additionally, the PHP coding section was handled through PHP functions. The coding was optimized for minimal time in loading
Drupal’s multilingual support could have helped the developers for the problem of handling several languages but would have bloated the database to a large extent. With the help of Google Translator, the developers focused on character encoding, font sizes, and the length of words along with the direction of writing for having multi-lingual site that was accessible by all types of people.
  • Addon Solutions used static IP concept to track the user’s IP and trace their location. With the location identified, we let users to view the list of universities in their region.
  • A search facility also provided the option to search different universities from several locations.
  • The Boost module implemented within the system and the pre-generation of HTML/CSS files allowed the site to load the front page in less than two seconds.

For Stakeholders

The introduction of the PaaS with specific user areas allowed all stakeholders, agents and Institutions and Service Providers to offer services and engage customers with a transparent way through the single platform.

Benefits and Takeaways

  • The site helped students to look for universities easily, and even book and pay securely online for their chosen course or class.
  • Education agents could access one or more courses globally and even track their commissions
  • The site allowed for easy promotion of student and educational institution services.
  • The AJAX-powered content presentation enhanced the look and feel of the website with less loading time, multiple multimedia features, location-based institution, and a user-friendly admin panel.

Tools and Technologies

  • Drupal
  • Google Translate
  • Database