Client : E-commerce investor

Requirement : The client required a user-friendly e-commerce store with multiple features like single-click sign on and quick inventory updates

The right solution to handle multi- channel suppliers simultaneously with the help of an inventory-based back end system and ecommerce as front end for better productivity and profit.


  • Importing data from multi-channel supplier
  • Daily basis inventory updates with data in different formats
  • An easy-to-use navigation design for non-tech savvy professionals
  • Strong Integration with online marketplaces like ebay, Snapdeal, Flipkart.
  • Accessibility to the system from varied platforms and devices
  • Solution

  • Addon Solutions offered ecommerce solutions to the client with payment gateway integration to diverse channels. The system helped the client to add and update their inventory.
  • The company could also uploaded inventory in multiple formats with a robust backend system. The system helped the client to update the inventory easily irrespective of the formats. With regards to the system being accessible in multiple platforms, Addon Solutions suggested the development of responsive web app and Mobile app for compatibility of the system on the desktop, mobile and even on other platforms.

Benefits and Takeaways

  • With the ecommerce site, the client could handle multiple suppliers from different channels
  • The inventory could be updated on a regular basis
  • With strong integration with Amazon, ebay and the like, the reach was multiplied
  • With a responsive web app in place, the site was accessible through diverse platforms, maximizing the reach in multiple ways

Tools and Technologies

  • Magento
  • PHP
  • Jquery
  • Bootstrap
  • iOS
  • Android