Automated Taxi Booking and Shared Ride Management System

Client : Taxicab business owner

Requirement : A platform where the user could book the cheapest taxi as part of shared rides in Slovenia and Germany with least waiting time.


  • To generate a generic algorithm based   on manual documentation
  • Scalability of bookings for different routes and multiple transport options.
  • The system has to decide the ideal vehicle, the ideal route and the most economic transportation for people trying to book through the platform
  • Solution

  • Addon Solutions developed a Joomla-based site that attended to the transportation needs to different people travelling through the client’s taxi and transportation system.
  • The site allowed visitors to book the most economic transportation options for going from one place to another, along with the best route towards the destination and the least rates.
  • There was an algorithmic component integrated with the system that showed the best options available for the end users.
  • The scalable system helped the client to attend to multiple customers at a time with efficient results of booking scenarios, based on their preferences

Benefits and Takeaways

  • By integrating an addon with a Joomla-based site, Addon Solutions made sure that the best possible options are available to end users
  • The taxi business soared through the online platform and reaped in more bookings and more profits than before
  • The business was streamlined and cost-effective for end users as well.

Tools and Technologies

  • Joomla CMS