February 15th , 2020

Why Is Laravel The Best PHP Framework?

Web Development

It may get a little confusing to choose the best framework to build your PHP app because there are many frameworks available in the market at present.

While selecting them, we need to take care of a lot of things. The factors that help in deciding the framework are the cost for the development of an app, its popularity, PHP Consulting services , and its experience.

These three factors are huge factors, and the small ones are testing deployment and third-party integration.

Reason Laravel is the best PHP framework

MVC architecture and object-oriented approach

The most significant advantage of the Laravel framework is the architecture pattern that it follows. It follows Model View Controller or MVC architecture, which is very easy for developers to follow. MVC architecture has beautiful, expressive syntax for the coding.

It also provides powerful syntax that allows developers to use the object-oriented approach while doing web development. It has one of the pre-installed libraries; one of them is the Authentication library. It has features like monitoring the active users, resetting the password, Bcrypt hashing, CSRF protection & the encryption.

Built-In Authentication and Authorization

Providing Authentication and authorization for the system is very easy for the Laravel. A developer needs few artisan commands to add Authentication and Authorization for your app.

Packaging System

We can easily automate our web application with the help of a Packaging system because it can deal with multiple support software or libraries — all the required information to manage the packages controlled by a composer in Laravel. In Laravel, we can use the Composer as a dependency manager.

We can quickly accelerate the development of our by providing it packages because, with the help of Packages, we can promptly offer out of the box functionalities. Laravel IDE helper, Image & Debug bar is also some of the best packages. Various packages names more commonly used are Cashier, Socialite, Scout, Passport.

Artisan Console

Laravel Provides users its command-line interface known as Artisan Console. Artisan is commonly used for seeding and generating boilerplate code for new controllers, models package assets, managing database migrations, and migrations. Due to this feature, developers will not need to create proper code skeletons.

By adding various new customer commands, we can increase the capabilities and functionalities of the Artisan console. This tool will also allow us to perform the majority of repetitive &tedious programming tasks.

Eloquent ORM

Eloquent ORM is in-built in Laravel ORM implementation. It also has the best Object-relational mapper in comparison to the other framework. With the help of Laravel, we can easily add an object-oriented concept in Laravel.
We can also interact with database relationships and database objects with the help of expressive syntax.

Templating engine

We have a blade template engine in Laravel, which is in-built. To get the resulting view blade template engine combines various templates. For improved performance, we can translate the models into the cached PHP code.
We can also use multiple control structures such as conditional statements and loops with the help of a blade.

Task Scheduling

It is an addition to the Artisan Console, with the help of which we can do scheduling of periodically executed tasks by our program. A scheduler will rely on the cron daemon, which will run as a single Artisan job, which will perform the configure tasks.

Events and broadcasting

We can also implement live data and live feed in modern type web applications. It will also integrate the real-time data, show the live feeds, and many more. It can also share the same event name between the server-side & the client-side, and you will be able to get the real-time data from the app. We can do it using a concept known as broadcasting that is provided to us by Laravel.


Developers provided unit tests for application by default in Laravel. It can contain the test by itself, which will detect & prevent the regressions in the framework. In Laravel, it is straightforward to do unit testing. We can run the unit test through the artisan command line.

Migrating Database

After working with the long hours, you have made many changes to the database. So, it is challenging to sync databases between different development machines, especially the MYSQL. We can make this process more accessible with the help of the database provided by Laravel.


Laravel provides various in-built facilitates that can be very helpful for developers while developing any PHP app. With the help of Laravel, PHP developers can do for object-oriented approach while coding. It also makes PHP more secure language as it can quickly add authentication and authorization with the help of Artisan Console.

It also provides various in-built functions such as Eloquent ORM, and Events and broadcasting. In Laravel developer can also do unit testing. Hence using Laravel for web development is the best option.

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