February 15th , 2020

Tips And Tricks For PHP Developers

Web Development

Various languages used for web development. When it comes to startups, then PHP is the easiest one to understand. It is one of the most popular languages for developers.

If anyone wants to learn it, then they can easily do it with the help of various sites present on google.

To make the life of developers easy in this blog, we are going to discuss different tips and tricks that the developer can use to create websites.

Develop with error reporting enabled

One of the best tricks for the PHP developers is that we can use the error reporting feature in it. The best possible way to deal with error is to display them.

While developing the site, if you have to alter it, then you have to include two lines in it.

error_reporting( E_ALL ) ; ini_set( ‘display_errors’ , 1 ) ;

This coding will help you to view both types of error whether the fatal errors can have the dreaded white screen as a warning & the notices which may fix the bugs & issues.

Prevents SQL injection

The biggest concern for the PHP language is security at this movement. There are various ways to increase the security of SQL. Below we have mentioned the code after using which we can easily avoid the SQL injections.
$query_result = mysql_query( “SELECT * FROM WHERE Ex_tableex_field = \” ” mysql_real_escape_string )
Avoid or ignore any of the SQL injection; the simple way is to escape any of the variables that we used in our database.

Use the _once() function with caution

To call libraries, files, or classes PHP developer can use include() or function require(). The  trick for the developers is to use include_eleven() and require_eleven(). The advantage of using this function is files, classes, or loaded libraries to be loaded again.

Learn to handle ternary operators

We can use ternary options to simplify IF constructions for getting the high-end and excellent performance. But we must use it with the care that will allow your code to be lighter and help in nesting it without any problems.
$age = ( !empty ( $ _ GET [ ‘age’ ] ) ? $ _ GET [ ‘age’ ] : 58 ) ;

Retire the MySQL driver

With the help of PHP 7 we can easily replace MYSQL database with PDO. PHP allows us to connect with various various database of our choice. The best tip or the trick for the web developer is that it provides us the code to connect to database. The most important feature of the MYSQL driver is the MYSQL Python or connector which is provided by the MYSQL version 5.7. MySQL Python/Connector will transform the parameter’s value between Python & MySQL data type.
try {
$conn = new PDO ( “mysql: host = localhost; dbname = database ‘ , $ user , $ pass ) ;
$conn ->setAttribute( PDO :: ATTR_ERRMODE , PDO :: ERRMODE_EXCEPTION ) ; }
Catch ( PDOException $e ) {
Echo “ERROR:” . $e ->getMessage ( ) ;

Use single quotes rather than double

The easiest trick for developers to improve the performance of the server is to use only (‘’) quote instead of a double quote(“ “) and also save your valuable time.

Clean URLs quickly with .htaccess

To make the URLs more simple, we can use the file .htaccess. A hidden data or file will serve as a lot with the Apache directives. We can perform redirections and clean URLs with the help of this file. Here we are providing the developers the best trick and trip for improvement of PHP.
RewriteEngine On RewriteRule ^ ( [ a – zA – Z0 – 9 ] + ) $ index . Php? Page = $ 1 With the help of this code, we can make simple URLs easily.

Use a switch instead of string If Statements

To execute the code much faster, we can use  Switch instead of crazy Ifs. It will also reduce the complexity faced using If statements. It will also run the performance more quickly.
Switch ($color) {
case ‘white’ :
echo “The color is White” ;
break ;
case ‘blue’
echo “The color is Blue” ;
break ;
case ‘green’ :
echo “The color is Green” ;
break ;
case ‘black’ :
echo “Color is black” ;
break ;

Encryption of Password

The developers will ask about the tips to improve the performance of your site. PHP will encrypt the password for you. It stores the password in the database like :
$enc_pass = password _hash ( $submitted_pass , PASSWORD_DEFAULT);


You can also use the PHP based frameworks and consider the CMS, use the primary or core PHP, which will provide you better performance, lightweight & straightforward websites and can develop the sites in PHP more faster.

PHP is the most advanced and accessible language in the present time used for developing web pages. It also has various tricks and tips which we have discussed in this blog that will help the developers while building an application and make their work efficient.

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