January 14th , 2020

PHP MVC Frameworks Preview of (Phalcon 3, Symfony 4, Laravel 5.x and others)

Web Development

PHP is the most popular language in the present time, which initially designed for web development. In recent times there are various PHP frameworks that the developer can use. Web development frameworks are beneficial, and they save the time of the developers and decrease the writing of repetitive codes. Here we are going to talk …

January 13th , 2020

PHP Framework or CMS: Which Technology Is Better For Business ?

Web Development

CMS or Custom management Software helps the business owners to maintain the content on their site. After the website developed, you can log in and access any function. We can also change the content of any page and inform the customers about the new products, change in prices, and various discounts and offers on an …

January 12th , 2020

PHP 1995 To 2019 – A Journey

Web Development

PHP is a server-side scripting language which mainly used for web development. It is one of the most preferred technology by developers & also easy to understand it. It created in the year 1995. Rasmus Lerdorf created the first standard gateway using PHP in 1994, and the first full version of this app released in …

January 11th , 2020

Latest CMS in PHP

Web Development

CMS or Content management system is a computer program where business owners can maintain the content of the websites using it. For PHP, there are various famous frameworks that analyzers use and give the best PHP web development services to you. Each framework has its qualities and advantages. Below we have discussed popular cms in …

January 10th , 2020

Four Reasons Why You Should Acquire PHP 7?

Web Development

PHP or hypertext processor is an open-source language used for PHP application development. It is one of the trending languages for developers because it is easy to use and understand. As we know, that technology is continuously updated day-to-day, and in this, it has introduced new versions i.e., PHP 7. Here we have discussed four …

January 9th , 2020

6 Strategy Artificial Intelligence Will Continue To Impact Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development

Technologies in the world are continuously changing with time, and its most significant proof is the industrial revolution. First came the mobile phones, then smartphones; on these smartphones, people were allowed to put various kinds of apps, which makes the life of human beings easy. Now we cannot let it stop; we must regularly evolve …

January 8th , 2020

How to Think About Machine Learning ?

Software Development

As the word suggests, Machine learning means the machine is learning itself without any human intervention. The learning process of the device is almost similar to the human brain. It collects the data from around us and then stores it. Then it visualizes the data around us and performs analysis on it and, according to …

January 7th , 2020

10 Things Not To Do In PHP 7

Web Development

PHP is a scripting language that majorly used on open source. Developers mainly use PHP for web development.We can use PHP by embedding it into HTML. PHP can embedded into HTML by the tags <? PHP and ?> PHP 7 made a significant revolution in the way we develop web applications.With the help of PHP …

January 7th , 2020

Latest PHP Trends

Web Development

PHP is a popular open-source scripting language for the server-side. Various companies have build apps and websites using PHP.In the year 2019, PHP revives a considerable boost, and it’s market evaluation rises eventually. 2020 is ready with new trends and various new frameworks that will change the traditional way of coding and will help in …

January 7th , 2020

Top 5 IoT Trends Transforming Business In Every Business

IoT Solutions

IoT has changed the way of our living. It allows us to connect your SmartPhones to conventional devices such as vacuum cleaners, smart door locks, washing machines, cars, AC, etc. There are various IoT products have come into the market and are very popular; some of them are even wearable products such as Smartwatches, Apple …