February 17th , 2020

How Will AI Change Mobile App Development ?

Mobile App Development

AI is the latest & new technology that is ready to use with a single-faceted impact. Artificial intelligence(AI) or Machine intelligence is the process when a machine or the computer system can perform things usually performed by humans using their knowledge or memory.

AI is working on different levels and will create new & unique applications, and the user will be able to interact with multiple apps. The process that they follow is that they store the previous information based on that they perform future actions, such as speech recognition, decision-making, visual perception, and translation between languages.

Features in the mobile app due to Artificial intelligence

Face Detection process

In this process, first, we will store the faces of all the people that we want to detect. Once the data ultimately saved in the database, then we will do the face recognization of different people based on the features that we have decided to check. If 98 to 97% features to match, then the face detection process is complete. Various apps are using the face detection process to set the lock of their app.


With the support of this feature & functionality, your app can talk to customers like another human by auditory or textual methods. With the help of Bot, you can provide better UI/UX to your customers. In this, we set some common answers in response to common questions, and then we improvise as the time passes. It used in google maps the path that the google map tells by speaking is because of AI.

Image and Voice Recognition

For these processes, we have used both Artificial Intelligence and machine learning. The Images and Voices that we need to recognize first they must be stored in the database, then the app will compare your images and voices with that of the stored ones. This feature is being included in more apps to give better UI/UX in the app.

Strong App Authentication

The phone is a personal thing for every user; hence their privacy for every app must be protected from every possible attack. With the help of Strong App Authentication, while using the app user can be confident as all of his information is safe.

Landmark Detection

It helps to determine the feeling of humans based on their facial expressions. It is just one of the things that we can do because of this process. We can check various images and changes happening in them.

Real-time translations

Artificial Intelligence will help your smartphones to translate multiple languages in real-time without the usage of the internet connection. An AI in app development services have the tool that will work simultaneously, allows your words to translated in a real-time. The user will be able to understand every word & character. E.g., Baidu is a Chinese Search Engine, and it will convert the words typed by the user in real-time.

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence

Better user experience

With the help of AI, we can give better user experience to users as it will respond to some of the user’s actions on its own depending on their previous works.

AI helps to make a decision

It is a myth that AI removes the needs of humans. It does not eliminate the lack of humans but helps them to make better decisions based on past choices.


AI will help the different users provide them personalized user experience. The user can also get unique features with the help of the personalization process according to their needs. It is the best fulfilling thing provided by AI. Personalized user experience is becoming the cornerstone of boosting the engagement, and in this, our AI app developers will play a key role.

Code creativity

AI also allows developers to code in a creative manner. The developer that knows AI would be able to code more efficiently and save time.

Natural Languages

In Natural Languages, what occurs is that the voice converted into text and text turned into sound. It is straightforward to create the reports & market review with this feature.


AI technology is growing fastly. AI is making its’ presence felt everywhere. In the mobile app, it has already provided various features that are improving the user experience. In no time the number of mobile apps with AI technology will increase; hence if you are opting to create an app, you should add little AI in it to be more competitive. AI in app development is also trying to get integrated into the 5G smartphones in the next years, which will give the users will get the more benefits of ML & AI to collect, store & process the real-time data.

Addon solution is a leading IT company that is well versed in making an app and can handle any technology. We have created an AI-based app for our valuable customers. We will also provide you a business strategy so that you can earn a profit in your business with the help of the app.

The development of the app revolutionized because of advancements in technology’s most significant role has been played by Artificial intelligence. In short, we can say that AI has brought the number of changes and allowing the applications to provide personalized attributes.