February 15th , 2020

Fifteen Reasons Why Do I Love PHP ?

Web Development

There are various reasons that you may like PHP or Hypertext Pre-processor. But some of the ideas stand out as compared to others.

The web application developers choose this language more as compared to others because it is easy to learn and understand. In PHP, all the errors handled as a Syntax error.

Below we are going to discuss 15 reasons that I think going to be beneficial for all the web developers.

Easy to get going

This language is simple and straightforward to use. PHP provides people dynamic typing; users can use PHP with the help of its tags by mixing it into HTML< CSS and JavaScript.

We can easily install it on Windows or Linux. To make it run on Linux, we can throw Apache and mod_php on a Linux server, and it will run in minutes For windows, we need to install WAMP or XAMP, and you are good to go.

Highly portable

PHP is a highly portable language. PHP quickly shipped in any application. There are a few examples to support our theory. The illustrations are PHP Desktop, EasyPHP & Wamp.

Scales well, No need to take care of many things

PHP is a language that has a various in-built function in it. That can be helpful for them in multiple ways. It provides in-built scalability with the help of which we can quickly increase or decrease the size of our application.

If we want to send a specific file, databases, images, audio. The characteristics of PHP are not simple & easy as we see in the other languages, but we have got the methods for it also.

Quality solution for web problems

The reason that PHP is one of the most popular languages when it comes to web developing is that it provides a solution for various traditional web problems. It has also got the answers on many of the websites and the web servers.

Various framework

There are a vast number of frameworks available in the market for PHP at the moment From Micro-frameworks to full-fledged ones and will help you to develop the sites faster. Some of its famous examples are Laravel, CodeIgniter, Symphony, and Cake PHP.

Great IDEs

PHP provides an Integrated Development Environment to its developers. Some of the examples for IDEs are PHP Storm, Sublime Text, NetBeans, Zend Studio, Notepad++, etc. So, you should get the best PHP Programmers for hire that suit your business and can work with the IDE of a PHP framework.

No compilation

There is no compilation done in PHP. The code in PHP interpreted; hence, it saves the compilation time.

Well known language, many people choose from when hiring

Because PHP is straightforward to learn and understand hence, there is a massive number of people that have learned this language. If we want to hire people, then there is going to be a vast number of people available for that and among that the crowd you have to find the best one which will fulfill your requirements.

A massive amount of jobs

According to a survey, 78% of web development done with the help of PHP. Hence there is going to be a vast amount of jobs available for that. You can also get the best PHP web development company that is working on all the frameworks and will offer the job on some specified context.

Working community is great

There is a big community of developers that work on PHP. All the developers that work on PHP help each other a lot. Hence, the population of developers for PHP is excellent.

Integrated database support

PHP provides various in-built database support such as ORACLE, MYSQL, SQLite, etc. Due to which developers can easily use a database even if they are beginners. While using a database with the PHP, you do not need to install additional drivers.

Supports object-oriented programming

With the help of PHP 7, we can quickly introduce an excellent OOPs concept. One of its that is adding an Anonymous class, which means a class with no name. Using it, we can easily add the speed of code and execution time.

Old language since 1995

PHP introduced in 1995. It is slowly evolving and getting mature. Now it helps developers to work on the most advanced technologies like cloud, AI, or Chatbot.

Cheap hosting

PHP can run both on Windows and Linux. It can install on various web servers. Hence we can do cheap hosting with the help of the app. It is straightforward and affordable to do hosting for pre-installed PHP.

Helps people pay bills

Various apps have made online payments. Hence we can say that PHP as a part of people’s day to day life.


The reason that I discussed not the only one’s why PHP is preferred by developers so much. But while I was developing apps using PHP, these reasons helped me a lot. After reading the blog, I wish that more developers will want to work with PHP as compared to other languages. We can also develop the projects in different programming languages like Go, Python, Perl, etc. which is having the complex syntax in compare to PHP.