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Blockchain Application Development

Addon Solutions will help you in transforming businesses with blockchain technology. We are one of the fastest growing Blockchain Application Development Company in India and USA

What is Blockchain Technology

Blockchain has a distributed data which would record transactions or contracts independently. It stores the data in an encrypted format. In this there are thousands of computers which are accessible digitally through blockchain. It has entered into the banking and financial sector over many years. Make ease of use digital currency known bitcoin transaction. This technology is secure and does not share any personal data of user. A user can do the transactions without involving the third party. Blokchain technology is a smarter, secure and transparent.

Our Services for Blockchain Development

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Data Security

dApps Development

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Hire Blockchain Developer

In every business, the professionals are needed to grow the business and make the business work runs smoothly. Besides that, the security of a company also kept in mind. Addon Solutions will help you in every type of services for blockchain development. It will give you an expert on a blockchain. The experts have the vast knowledge of cryptocurrencies and bitcoin. So let us come and discuss your app to hire a blockchain developer.

Types of the blockchain

There are mostly three types of block. They are public, private & consortium.


It will work under public and private both networks. The leadership of the group operates it. So it will be closed for the companies group. In general, it doesn’t allow any participants to enter into the network with the internet. It works faster and has high scalability. The highest use of the consortium block is in the banking sector.


In this everyone has the right to access the code and will also run as a public node on a local device. In this, the transactions are valid and continue in the process by adding a chain if block into the process. The operation will work as long as they verified. It can have access via block explorer. It is transparent but anonymous — examples like bitcoin, dash and so on.


In this permissions of a written are centralized to an organization. It gave according to the degree. It includes the management of data, etc. which is internal to a company, so public access is not required. It will set up the group of participants who can do their transactions internally. It will also give the data redundancy, faster process, education in cost. Example of private blockchain is multi-chain & MONAX.

Development Platforms

  • Ethereum: It is used to make an app as a programmer, without the involvement of a third party and the chances of fraud are very low. In this, the best cryptocurrency customized.
  • OpenChain: It is ledger distribution technology which is best for a company who wants digital assets as a robust and in a scalable way. It also provides features like security, decentralized, standalone & Real-time.
  • Eris: It can build the app at the very lowest rate and can run anywhere using blockchain technology. It offers you to develop the permission chain and also take action step by step. There is a smart contract in Eris. Services are there too on or off the things.

How does Blockchain works

Whenever you want to edit the transaction or want a new transaction, blockchain comes into existence. In this the nodes will dependent on the protocols and algorithms to verify history of blockchain block which is evaluated. When history and signature is verified, block for new transactions is accepeted and it comes into the quueue of transactions. Each page of a transactions will create a block. This block will have an impact on next page via cryptographic hash method. A secure code is generated when block is completed. This code is tied up with the next page and creates a blockchain. .

Blockchain Benefits

Integrity process

A block of programs made in such a way that would add in the chain of transactions and could not edit as it has provided a high range of security.


The structure of blockchain identified in such a way that it would quickly detect the difficulty and gets the solution if possible. Also, the irreversible track is possible.


Blockchain technology has a high range of security due to that every participant who wants to add in the network it has given unique identity and also links to his account. The It would make hackers very complicated to enter into the chain or to break the system.


Lack of regular status

Around the world, money is created and controlled by the central government. It is becoming very tough for bitcoin to handle the financial institutions.

Consumption of power

Blockchain consumes more power than the bitcoin as per the study of researchers. We have to keep a real-time ledger, as every time a new node created, at the same time every node requires communication.

Industries where we work in Blockchain Technology

  • Banking
  • Politics
  • Real Estate
  • Legal Industry
  • Security
  • Government
  • Charities and Aid Organizations
  • Rentals and Ride Sharing
  • Insurance
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Transportation
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Financial Services
  • Manufacturing and industrial
  • Food & Beverages
  • Retail

Why hire Blockchain developers from Addon solution?

24/7 support

Confidential data

100% satisfaction

Complete transparency



Expertise in work

Experienced & Dedicated

NDA contracts

Work only for you

On time delivered

Open notice period

Worked in many firms

Development process


Sign-up & start

Analyze project

Collect requirement of the project

Make the team for project development

FAQS(Frequently asked questions)

What is the structure of your payment?

20% advance amount is necessary to be paid.

Can I have control over developers If I hire from you?

Yes. There will be a dedicated employee working only for you. You will have the ease of access to your team via Skype, emails, phones with daily or weekly reporting.

How many days & hours do you work?

We work five days excluding Saturday and Sunday. We work 8 hours a day.

How much skilled and experienced developers you have?

We have an expert team of 100+ developers having an experience of 10+years.

Who will be the owner of source code?

Once the payment made, the code delivered to the owner.

Do you sign an NDA agreement?

Yes! We take care of the client data by signing the NDA agreement.

Will the payment is refundable If I am not satisfied with the application?

No. It is not refundable as we are giving the regular updates to the client. They can tell their specialization or changes which needed in the application.

What is the mode of payment acceptance?

We accept the payment by PayPal or Net banking.

Is there a project manager to supervise the project?

Yes. Once the project is on-board, our project management executive is assigned to the client and provides free of charge communication. The coordinator of a project will be a single point for communication and query solution.

Do you provide the testing of an application to a client?

Yes. If a client demands that he/she wants to test the application. We give him right to check it.

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