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Addon Solutions delivers superior Backbone.js development services. Our Backbone.js developers can build modern mobile apps and web using the latest version of BackboneJS

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Addon Solution has developed some applications with the Backbone.js and has successfully integrated it. Integrating application inside the HTML or JavaScript is straightforward. The websites which are on the base of Backbone.js is responsive and complete implemented to react with the multiple AJAX requests raiding a web application. We have the team of Backbone.js developer which will work remotely or offshore from the development center in India which will guarantee the client will receive the best quality at a compelling price for the application development. Experts of Addon Solutions is ready to help you to create your modern BackBoneJS based products. Contact us for the Backbone.js development and discuss the about services, expertise and how can we help you, please contact us.

Backbone.js Applications Development for Web and Mobile Apps

As the name, itself implies that Backbone.js will work behind the application which will allow the developers to create an app on the base class group. It represented a framework of JavaScript dependent on a Model-View-Presentation (MVP) architecture and implemented with a library of RESTful JSON interface. It has a weightless structure which is dependent on an only one library of JavaScript, i.e., Underscore.js. It also gives the data of your device which deleted, managed, saved and manipulated on the server. With the help of JavaScript coding, it has reduced the task of the developers in developing an application and also protects the time and will build it faster. It will provide flexibility in the structure in every part of the live app.

Benefits of Backbone.js Development

Backbone.js provides many of the advantages, but some of the major are listed below

  • It helps you to manage the code flexible. A more substantial part is it divides into a smaller module, which will be easy for the .js files to maintain and reuse.
  • The architectural view of Backbone.js is transparent, flexible and will exact guidelines.
  • The framework gives a clear code document.
  • Binding of the event will come with the very less coding.
  • Backbone.js is easily tied with the back-end, to make back-end easier.
  • It has launched with the useful utility library.
  • You don’t r equire the data or information to save in DOM.

Models of Backbone

Backbone models have the core of all the JavaScript apps and include themselves into the in-built properties of the table which is applied on data and events of the trigger if there is any change there. They have the complete interactive data and logic which included is.

Accessible control



Properties of computer

Views of Backbone

Views are built to prepare important data from models. It may be not dependent on empty data tables of the interface of the user — models mainly connected to the views. Views will get a response on the connected models which change events and will respond and take actions according to that. The logical structure is the app interface. Backed models are updated separately if any change is done, without refreshing the whole page in total. It will also find the JSON objects in the app code when the DOM elements found. The view will display in the pinned models and is display in the UI.

Backbone Collection

Collections are inter-related with the models of group and will manage them efficiently. The developers of a web app with control over loading and will save the new models to the server and will make the performance simple on the list of the models. It will allow some functions of an event that is:

  • If there is a little modification in the models, it will change it.
  • The events add or will fetch the models collection from the server side.
  • Made any specific change of the selected models or the whole collection.

Backbone Events

Events are essential but powerful integration of the observer pattern of design for the JavaScript object. The web app will connect and make it interactive. Every backbone objects have an event system and will give permission to the trigger events and handles them. The event which will occur is listed below:

On event

Off event

Trigger event

Backbone Router

It will give the facility to route to the client side of the web app and will manage it with the events and actions. There was one function which integrated like #page. It supports all types of the browser in the standardized form. The link which implemented in the API is Bookmarks, Sharing and URL link.

Synchronization Backbone

It will give the right to check and save the model of a web app to the server site. It will use the action of AJAX to make the RESTful JSON request to return jqXHR. A developer has the facility to override with the other suitable app for the strategy of a project like:

Web socket

XML transport

Local Storage

When there is the use of Backbone.js?

Whenever you are developing one page of Java app, then Backbone comes into existence. The view framework of the model will help in the structure of JavaScript architecture to avoid the spaghetti code model. Backbone will help you to solve the critical problems which have occurred in the massive app development. It is Majorly used to reduce the HTTP requests to the server. With the help of the Backbone.js, the downloaded data is kept on the server side of the web app and will give the response when it is required.

Market of Backbone

There are many businesses or enterprises which are using Backbone, but they can not provide a clear image of this framework. There are some companies and freelance developers who use the Backbone for doing their projects. According to the study of Statistical data, there are around 180,000 websites live which are Backbone.js uses. It provides high-quality performance. On the internet, there are about 370 million websites.

Where are Backbone.js uses?

Depending on the benefits provided by the Backbone developer it is used in all the firms to make it easy and straightforward. It will prevent unnecessary requests coming to the server. Due to this feature, the page will load faster and will also save the time of downloading. The position of the sites which uses the Backbone.js is:

  • 1. E-commerce websites
  • 2. Business websites
  • 3. News
  • 4. Sports
  • 5. Technology
  • 6. Entertainment
  • 7. Education

Client Testimonials

The team is amiable and professional, throughout the project and has met the requirements of the project within the budget and time. We are pleased to work with Addon Solutions. They were made an outstanding contribution to their work from above your expectations. I want to recommend them, you to hire a developer from Addon Solutions – Ramesh Jah