Augmented Reality App Development

Augmented Reality App Development

Build Highly Immersive and interactive AR Apps for iPhone and Android using a different platform such as Apple ARKits, ARCore, Vuforia, Spark AR Studio, Wikitude, Amazon Sumerian, EasyAR, Pikkart SDK, Kudan, Aurasma, Onirix, Unity, MaxST, DeepAR, and Lumin (Magic Leap).

What is Augmented Reality?

It is the technology that has broadcasted the world by using the layers of digitization. It does not create a complete environment of artificial. It will add different effects on the existing situation by adding sounds, videos. A vision of the real-world climate has superimposed by computer-generated images is AR.

Our Services For AR

We are one of the top Augmented Reality Application Development Company from India and offering AR Development services among nations like the US, Sweden, Denmark, Canada, Germany, Middle East, Australia, the UK, and many more. We provide innovative, ingenious, and effective augmented solutions via cut-edge technology. Hire our expert AR Developers to create the VR Apps for iPad, Android, Windows, and iPhone.

Mobile Augmented Reality Development

A team of backed expert Augmented Reality app developers, we can create apps for retail, real estate, games, product design, training, and health-care industries.

iOS and Android AR App Development

ARkit / ARCore is one type of mobile platform developed for iOS / Android depends on the augmented reality. It has a very high level, session-based API providing the simple and easy interface giving the robust set of features.

Web AR Development

Our web developers will create Web AR applications and provides access to web-based augmented reality via different web browsers for cross-platform solutions.

Location Base AR Development

Using location and AR technologies the customer will navigate right to your store, or the gamers were engaged with the new Pokemon Go using GPS, compass, and beacons

Marker Based AR

Your user can view life like a digital having the multimedia content and will interact with them by pointing a camera at some specific traffic point.

Markerless AR

We are developing Markerless applications It is the sophisticated form of AR; markerless AR is dependent on the SLAM technology.

Types of Augmented Reality We Working

Project-based AR

It Projecterized the artificial lights to the natural surfaces and allows you to connect to them. We can see the interaction of a user with its projection by its alternate users.

Markerless-based AR

It utilizes the GPS, compass, gyroscope, accelerometer to find the data of a user based locations. AR content will help you to get in a specific area. By the inventions of smart devices, AR provides maps and directions of nearby region.

Superimposition based AR

It will replace the view of an original image partially or fully. Object recognition has an important role. Example of superimposition augmented reality is an IKEA catalog app, gives access to users to find virtual images of furniture in their rooms.

Marker-based AR

Also known as image recognition, it requires a particular visual object and camera to scan it. It may be something like QR code or anything printed. It also calculates the orientation and position of a marker in the content. Making the animation digital for users to view and so the image will look like a 3D model in a magazine.

Working of Augmented Reality

It implies a range of data, which is used by people and used in natural and synthetic light. It can vision on multiple devices screens, glasses, mobile phones and so on. It has technologies like SLAM and depth tracking. There are some components like


It will collect the data from sensors and digitize the content to view on the surface.


Devices of AR will work as a computer or smartphones. It requires the same as a computer system, i.e., CPU, flash memory,Wi-Fi,etc. to detect the speed,direction and so on.

Cameras and Sensors

Data collection through user interaction and send it for the procedure. The camera on devices scans the physical environment around the local location and generates a 3D image.


Devices have a mirror to assist human eyes in displaying the virtual images. An array of a curved mirror or double sided mirror which will reflect a camera and in the user’s eyes. The reflection path will have a proper alignment image.

Real-time devices

Probably all new devices contain augmented reality. From smartphones to gadgets these technology is taking place. For projection and processing, AR devices require CPU, GPS, sensors and so on.

  • Mobile devicesIt best fitted for AR devices; it will have the gaming & entertainment to business solutions.
  • PC & Connected TVWorks through webcam and display the image on the screen. It can be cumbersome and evaluate a tracker in front of the screen.

Augmented Reality vs. Virtual Reality

Need Apps for Both? Let’s Talk.

Augmented reality will add to the originality rather than replacing it. Virtual reality will have the environment generated by computers for you to interact and immerse in it. Consult with our team which one is best for your business

Areas where AR included







Real estate




Industrial design

Advantages of AR in business

The business must achieve business growth with the help of AR techniques. It is beneficial for a company who wants to outgrow the boundaries by getting innovative solutions. There are some reasons for an AR-based app which will have the selling and has the branding portfolio.

Benefits of Marketing

Our marketing campaigns will stand with an AR solution to give a complete presence in our competitive market of technology.

Customer Engagement

Customers will have interactive experiences that are having a stronger connection and will implement the brand recognitions.

Industrial training

Use the powerful AR technology will create the lifelike, reliable & great experience for industrial training & maintenance.

Advantage of localization

The location-based technology will bring benefits to localization according to your business and the end-users.

Lifecycle of AR Development

At Addon solution, You will get the end-to-end AR app development solutions from the backend, frontend to administration.

  • 3D modeling
  • Application UX/UI.
  • Scene rendering
  • Integration logic
  • Image recognition.
  • Application backend
  • Machine learning.
  • Third-party solutions integration
  • Drivers, SDK/API integration
  • CRM & CMS integration
  • Monitoring & maintenance.
  • Application performance tuning

Why its time to use AR for your business?

AR have a high demand due to its various benefits. You can hire the dedicated Augmented programmers from India. It will make your app more powerful by adding vast and exclusive features in it. There are some advantages to selecting the AR development for your next project

  • Build the rich, immersive and the interactive user experience
  • It reduces the language barriers
  • VR applications enhance emotional engagement
  • It will give the right to connect with the published content
  • Personalized content for the user’s particular needs
  • Detailed analytics generated for understanding the user behavior
  • AR helps in customer buying decisions
  • Provides the enormous scope for consumers to engage with campaigns.

Enterprise Augmented Reality Software

We are making the AR software product smart and responsive beyond the expectations of the end-users and enterprise, SME and for start-ups. We need to define the environment where the product used. Addon Solution team will create the best possible environment to check the capabilities like:.

  • Understand the surroundings and creation of meshes in the room of different heights and sizes having the slanted walls, columns, etc,
  • Scan the differently shaped surfaces at different illuminance levels,
  • Recognize the real-world objects will add the additional surfaces/ obstacles and interact with holograms,
  • Teat all the application features and hardware modules,
  • Planning and execution of security testing.

Why hire Augmented Reality Developers

We have got the success in achieving the supreme quality

  • Implemented more than 250+ projects.
  • Over 200+ happy customers.
  • ISO certified.
  • NDA & full IP Protection with the client.
  • Reduce cycle time by 40%.
  • Reduce Time to market.
  • Highest standard of Quality Assurance (QA).

What we offer

We have given the AR services to the many clients across the various domains by the dedicated AR developers team. These services integrate based on specific requirements, significant points, and objective of the client.

  • Apps with augmented 2D & 3D effects.
  • Resources related to educational.
  • Advanced marketing app.
  • E-commerce & M-commerce applications.
  • Geo-location with advanced data.
  • Applications of health with live images of surgery.
  • Banking applications with real-time data.
  • Military applications with the surrounding information.

Our Development Process

We are following the agile web development process to get the timely delivered to the clients. Here is the development process

Gather the requirement

The client can contact us & share the need for the project with our team. Our experts will review the plans and can communicate with you in 24 hours.

Select the engagement models & timelines

Dependent on the project, our expert will suggest the best business model, give the approximate timeframes, and will provide a cost for the development of the project.

Initiate project & Delivery

According to the engagement model, the project will be handed over to the expert team and the robust quality analysis by project manager so that they can deliver it to you on time.

Some of the leading Augmented Reality App Development Companies 2019

  • Accenture
  • HP
  • Google
  • Amazon
  • IBM
  • Samsung
  • Microsoft Corporation
  • Capgemini
  • Cognizant
  • Tech Mahindra
  • Infosys
  • Wipro
  • Facebook
  • TCS
  • Apple

Expert in Technology

Being an AR Development Company having the right resources and experiences, we will bring the rich technology expertise into the projects we undertake. There are some of the technologies which we use to build user-centric solutions.

Our Business Models

The business plans which we have created will fulfill the hiring requirements. The business plans are of the three types that are:

Part-time hiring

Timing: 4/hours per day Day: 5days/week Communication: Email, Skype, Phone Billing: Monthly Hire period: Minimum 1 month

Full-time hiring

Timing: 8/hours per day Day: 5days/week Communication: Email, Skype, Phone Billing: Monthly Hire period: Minimum 1 month

Hourly hiring

Communication: Email, Skype, Phone Billing: Monthly Hire period: Minimum 25 month .

Why trust us

Addon Solutions is one of the top-most & leading mobile development company in India from 10+years of experience, which will have the latest & advanced software solutions based on technologies. Given below are few points for end-user:

Complete transparency and 100% work guarantee, 250+ successful projects delivered Simple & Easy way of communication like Skype, Email, calling Different department for various development processesHas the client over 50+ countries Give assured of W3C validation & SEO semantic codeProvide the best & rigorous quality standards Leading AR development & will support the dedicated team.

Client Testimonials.

Addon solution has an excellent and great team have good communication skills. They have patience and diligent.Quality of Addon Solution app development services is superior compared to any other companies which I had previously researched. I was pleased with pixel flexibility and will prompt customer service.
– Sanjay Jagani