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Our goal for an application modernization project is to create new business value from existing apps and gain more alertness, mitigate risk and lower total cost of running app.

Still Operating Old Apps?

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CIOs are always under pressure to do more with less with their resources. Addon Solutions realizes less is more on all counts, driving optimum performance with existing resources while providing innovative solutions that extend the life of legacy applications. We eliminate non-performing systems and obsolete platforms to give way to new ones.

With three-fourths of an average organization’s global transactions running on legacy systems, the focus is on how a company’s application portfolio can deliver results while reducing overall costs of operation.

Our Modus Operandi

  • Addon Solutions strives to strip out unnecessary operating costs, thinning out IT staff to create more value for the business. We address the elephant in the room, answering big questions of renewing, replacing, consolidating, retiring, or rebuilding applications in your portfolio.
  • The Result: Derive incredible value from existing applications, eliminating operational risks, reducing costs, managing applications better with minimal business disruption.

Tailored Legacy Modernization to Solve Problems

  • Extend the life of legacy applications at reduced costs without the need for replacing them
  • Eliminate non-performing systems and get rid of obsolete applications.
  • Migrate custom solutions devised in old languages to better, modern, sustainable solutions.

Why Addon Solutions?

With an experienced team of technology, domain and implementation professionals who are geared to provide solutions and extend life of applications, we accelerate and automate the entire optimization process with unique Application modernization strategy.
  • We devise personalized road map which aims to put away functionality overlaps, eliminate technical limitations and reduce maintenance costs.
  • We determine whether the existing applications are functionally adequate and then implement modernization strategies that suit your business in the immediate context as well as in the long run.
  • High performance is built into applications so that performance issues are minimal.
  • We reduce costs and risks, by modernizing and streamlining the overall application landscape while maximizing ROI.

QA and ANS for your Application Modernization Strategy

What is application modernization?

Many enterprises and businesses are running old and legacy applications for several core business functions and eliminating or replacing the entire system are not possible at all.

Such legacy applications have code in an old style with poor readability for the contemporary developers. If we are refactoring the code and make it standard for the modern developers and programming practices, it may work better and serve for some more years/time.

Legacy applications also need to address the core aims/targets to make it functional in the current environment. Therefore, re-purposing and consolidation are essential steps to make it compatible with a modern digital environment where mobile presence and cloud technologies are ruling.

With the modernization of the application, we can create new business values from the already existing applications at minimum expenditure on the app development.

How to plan a roadmap for the application modernization?

Before planning any road map for the modernization of an application, you must run detailed analysis and assessment of the existing application.

The next step involves the isolation of the business rules with its complexities and that you can do it from a user perspective rather than as an administrator of the application.

After detailed understanding of the business goals and requirements, you must define the target environment with technical needs and scopes for the future. Assessment of resources available and constraints gives clues for the resource allocations for the modernization of the applications.

Now, include the recommendations in the road map for the modernization. Your road map should depict the technical and procedural requirements to modernize the application.

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