Android Widgets Development

Android Widget Development

Addon Solutions is one of the top Android Widget Development Company in India, United States and UK. We are offering to Hire Android Widgets Developer to change the Android app experiences with a little effort.

Hire Android Widgets Developer

Advanced Android Home Screen Widget Development

You may have following expectations from your Android applications such as:

  • Offer An Instant Glimpse Of Your Android App Data
  • Bring Users Straightly Into The App
  • Engage Users Further With Your Android App
  • Yes, it is possible by using the Android app widgets developed exclusively for your Android apps for your business. If you do so it by the team of Hire Android Widgets Developers at Addon Solutions.

They can take care of your app success for a longer duration to yield the maximum values for that you have invested. In due course, we think out-of-box and bring innovative things that none can imagine.

Android widgets are one of them, and we used it all successfully in our previous Android app development projects for big brands and our loyal clients at offshore places across the globe.

We have added real values in the businesses of our patrons as well as their esteemed audience using our exceptional Android widgets development flairs. Therefore, our Android app portfolio is boasting with the successful apps developed for the clienteles in the USA, Canada, Australia, and several EU nations.

Why Android Widgets?

Widgets are an essential aspect of home screen customization and more.

It is vital to question that why your Android application should have any widget integrated. Usually, widgets are mean to extend the functionality of the application without touching the core of the app source. It is the somewhat similar concept of the Add-ons or Plug-ins used in the web applications but works on mobile platforms.

We can judge the usability of widgets in Android application at two perspectives. The first one is the end-users of the application. End-users are the direct beneficiaries so we should give them utmost priority. After all, we are developing applications for them considering, as our target audience.

The second perspective is from Android app developers’ who want to ease their life by offering out-of-box features and functionality by use of widgets in their Android app development process.

Benefits at User Perspective

The great thing about app widgets is that they can be updated automatically

Accessing Android App Quickly:

  • In general, Android apps are residing in the background or home screen have icons as their shortcuts. However, due to space constraints, shortcuts for all apps cannot be placed on the home screen at once.
  • Apropos to this, Android widgets always reside on the home screen and only appear as per your settings/notifications/updates and offer you the opportunity to dive directly into the app without opening it, formally by using taps or swipes gestures.
  • This quick access is a new height in the user experiences on the tiny screens of mobile devices and end-users like it.

Accessing Vital Information Quickly:

  • Today iOS and Android, both platforms offer various widgets by default in the form of Notification Centers. Calendar, Remainder, Weather, Search, Gmail, etc. are good instants to mention.
  • These all widgets offer contextual, relevant, and real-time updated sets of the information to the users in an instant manner and without making any effort at all.

Benefits App Entrepreneurs’ Perspective

Android Widgets Development Benefits at Developer or App Entrepreneurs’ Perspective

Since widgets are not an essential element in the mobile or the Android ecosystem, but carry several highly useful features and functionality that can extend the user experiences by adding more flavors in it, developers or app entrepreneurs can make money by selling them through in-app purchase like marketing techniques.

Another obvious benefit of Android widgets for developers is to bring awesome user experiences by the extended functionality of the widgets that ultimately increases the user engagements and user retentions hence, enhance ROI at the end.

Types of Android Widgets Developed at Addon Solutions

Essential Android Widgets for a More Functional and Customize Home Screen

We have developed plenty of Android widgets for various purposes and different niches of the industries. We can mention some of the niches here for your perusals.

Hybrid Android Widgets Development:

We combine two or more widgets and their useful features in one widget to offer enhanced user experiences in our hybrid widgets.

Fitness Android Widgets Development:

Such widgets offer instant notifications in a contextual manner and display some glimpse of the fitness statistics on the screen as well as inspire users to go into the apps for more detailed info.

Information Android Widgets Development:

We have plenty of info that we need to display it instantly, as they arrive such as weather forecasts, news, events, etc. Such information is vital for many, and they would like to display through the widgets, residing in the notification centers.

Collection Android Widgets Development:

These kinds of widgets display the collection of various content from the web and elsewhere through different networks. Some widgets collect articles/blogs, news, emails, and images as per settings and lure users to use the app through instant notifications.

Controller Android Widgets Development:

These types of widgets act as the remote controls for the main functions of the apps. For instance, a play and pause button in the widget control the functions of the music app without opening the app frequently.

Android Widgets Development Expertise

We have a team of expert Android widgets developers with adequate expertise and experiences. We bring the best user experiences by using the following UI elements in our Android widgets development process:

  • FrameLayout/LinearLayout/RelativeLayout
  • GridLayout/AnalogClock/Button
  • Chronometer/ImageButton/ImageView
  • ProgressBar/TextView/ViewFlipper
  • ListView/GridView/StackView
  • AdapterViewFlipper

Why Addon Solutions?

Addon Solutions is the Best Choice for Android Widget Development

We deliver the best quality

Our Android widget developers keep the best qualities of the app widgets by addressing the following quality parameters:

  • Layout to set look and feel of the widget
  • Size of the widget
  • Update intervals for widget
  • Resizing possibilities for widget
  • Type of the widget – for the home screen or the lock screen
  • Preview image in the widget menu

We offer range of Android widgets development services

  • Android Widget Design
  • Android Widget Development
  • Custom Android Widget Development
  • Google Android Widget Development
  • Hire Android Widget Developer

We are tech experts

  • We are tech experts for widget development, and we use J2ME and AJAX technologies in our Android Widgets development.

When you see the advantages of the high-quality widgets and wish to add some more flavors in the user experiences, come into our Contact and leverage our Android widgets development expertise in your favor at a budget.

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